Hours After Zadorov Conviction, Rishon Man Tells Tair Rada's Family He Murdered Their Daughter

Hours after a Katzrin man was convicted of murdering teenager Tair Rada on Tuesday, a man came to the Rada home and announced he was the girl's murderer.

The man, of Rishon Letzion, was arrested later that night and said he acted so the "real murderer" could be found.

Tair Rada's parents September 16, 2010 Yaron Kaminsky
Yaron Kaminsky

Roman Zadorov was convicted of murdering Tair Rada, an eighth grade student, on December 6, 2006 at the Nofei Golan school in Katzrin. Her body was found in a locked bathroom stall close to 7 P.M. with her neck slashed and her body scarred with stab wounds.

Late Tuesday, Yaakov Algaris, 32, knocked on the door of the Radas' Katzrin home. He told bereaved father Shmuel Rada he was the one who had murdered his daughter and asked him to call the police.

Rada told Algaris to leave and to turn himself in to the police if he wanted to. The suspect left and shortly afterward was arrested by the Katzrin police, whom he told his act was meant "as a provocation."

Algaris was released on bail yesterday by Safed's Magistrate's Court, which issued him a restraining order forbidding him to contact the Rada family.

Public defender Liron Malka, who represented the suspect, said his act was "improper but not a criminal offense."

"The suspect said he had acted on a gut feeling that told him Zadorov was not the murderer and [did what he did] so that the real murderer is found," she said.