Good Samaritan Returns 400,000 Shekel Bag to Brinks

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A security guard by a Brinks truck.Credit: Eliyahu Hershkovitz

An honest citizen returned a bag filled with 400,000 shekels ($107,000) that had fallen off a Brinks truck in the Kiryat Ata industrial zone, Israeli website 0404 News reported Sunday night.

The truck's security guards had not noticed the sack had fallen out after the back door opened, according to 0404. Yarden Ben Ezra, who had just left his father's event hall, spotted the truck some 200 meters away at a traffic light.

"Suddenly, like in the movies, the door flew open and just like that the sack flew out," Ben Ezra told 0404. "I didn't have enough time to understand what was going on and I saw the crew close the door and just keep on driving. I saw a sack on the side of the road I picked it up, and it was written on it that there was 400,090 shekels inside."

Ben Ezra said he was shocked and called out to the truck.

"They kept on driving, and all of a sudden they seemed to notice me waving my hands," he recalled. "They were in disbelief, and said thanks in a weak voice, and then they sped away."

Ben Ezra, who managed to take a picture of the cash, told 0404 it was clear to him that he would return the money.

Brinks, which said it has opened an investigation into the incident, told 0404 that its employees closed the door as soon as they saw that it had not been closed properly, returned immediately to where the sack had fallen out, saw the man standing next to the sack and returned it to the vehicle.

"We thank the honest citizen who acted as would be expected of a law abiding citizen," the company commented. "In any event, we would like to make it clear that all money transfers carried out by Brinks are 100% guaranteed, and there is no danger to the client's money."