Hit-and-run Victim Calls on Suspects to Tell the Truth

"It's about time someone got up and said, 'I did it,'" says Mali Yazdi, who was injured in the hit-and-run accident in October, in which her friend, Meital Aharonson, was killed. Yazdi was speaking at the Tel Aviv District Court Sunday, where she had come for the trial of Shalom Yemini and Shai Simon, who stand accused of the accident.

"If he was man enough to run someone over, he should be man enough to stand up and confess and take responsibility for his actions. They murdered one [person] and left the other like this." "I can't look at those people," said Yazdi outside the courthouse, commenting on each of the accused claiming the other had been driving at the time of the accident. "They were in the car. One of them was driving. It wasn't a ghost sitting behind the wheel. "They are both equally guilty," continued Yazdi, bursting into tears. "He could have stopped, got out of the car, called for help. Maybe Meital would still be alive if they had tried to help her. But they didn't care at all. We were like two stones on the road."

Yemini and Simon have been charged with manslaughter, causing grievous bodily harm under aggravated circumstances, leaving the scene of an accident, drunk driving, destroying evidence and ignoring a red light.

According to the indictment, about 15 minutes after they fled in a jeep from the police in the Jaffa port area, the jeep hit and killed Aharonson and seriously injured Yazdi. The two men were released to house arrest due to the weakness of the evidence concerning the identity of the driver.

Yazdi was due to testify in court Sunday, but instead only the police testimony was submitted, with the approval of the prosecution and the defendants. Yazdi was hospitalized at Ichilov Hospital, and will soon begin rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.

"I am sitting in the court so that the judge will understand the enormity of the loss here," said Aharonson's mother, Liora, Sunday. "One was murdered and the other can barely go on with her life."

"They left them bleeding on the road," said Liora, when Yazdi had left the hearing. "They fled and took the trouble to destroy evidence. A girl was killed. They came to confess only after they heard the police were looking for them, after my daughter was buried. None of them had it in his heart to come and ask forgiveness. Meital will never fulfill her dreams. She will never marry, never have children and never know happiness in life, and neither will we."