Histadrut: 18 Towns Still Not Paying Workers Despite Deal

Eighteen local authorities are still not paying employees' salaries, despite the fact that workers in the towns have agreeded to recovery programs that include layoffs and/or pay cuts, the Histadrut labor federation said yesterday.

The Histadrut report came in response to statements by the towns and the Union of Local Authorities that they were unable to pay the workers because the latter had refused to sign recovery programs, which are a condition for an infusion of government cash.

In four of the 18 towns, workers have not been paid for three months, the report said. Eight others localities have not paid employees for two months, and five are one month late in issuing paychecks. The remaining town is only a few weeks late.

Altogether, 71 local authorities have signed recovery programs with their workers, but in 24 of them, disputes have arisen over implementation and the parties are either in arbitration or in court.

The 18 delinquent localities are Abu Snan, Bir al-Maksur, Ramat Yishai, Jisr al-Zarqa, Beit Zarzir, Kiryat Malakhi, Hurfeish, Tuba Zangria, Tur'an, Yanuah, Jatt, Bnei Brak, Yarka, Kafr Manda, Ma'ilia, Nazareth, Sagur and Peki'in.