High Court Orders Probe of Leaks From Closed Lieberman Graft Case

Police findings in old investigation published.

The High Court of Justice Wednesday instructed Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and the State Prosecutor's Office to revisit an aborted investigation into the leaked contents of a summation written by officers involved in a probe of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The leaked document in question detailed police findings in an investigation into alleged campaign finance wrongdoing perpetrated by Lieberman. The investigation was closed by former attorney general Menachem Mazuz and no charges were filed.

lieberman - Emil Salman - December 14 2010
Emil Salman

Lieberman subsequently petitioned the High Court of Justice in a bid to reverse the Police Investigations Department's ruling that it could not effectively pinpoint the source of the leaks. Mazuz accepted the PID's position and the matter was dropped.

Wednesday, however, justices Elyakim Rubinstein, Esther Hayut, and Uzi Vogelman told Weinstein to reconsider the PID's decision and to explore further ways to investigate the leaks "given the importance of dealing with leaks and the damage done by leaks to those being investigated."

During the hearing, the judges implicitly criticized the prosecutors' decision not to pursue an investigation into the source of the leaks.

Rubinstein and Hayut wondered why the 12 senior police officers who had access to the material that was leaked from the Lieberman probe were not questioned in the matter. The justices suggested that the officers be administered polygraphs in an effort to determine the identity of the leaker.

Dana Briskman, the attorney representing the prosecution, told the justices that the probe had reached a dead end inasmuch as prosecutors did not have the legal option of questioning journalists who reported the leaks.