Hebrew U. Files Complaint Against Prof. Over Research Dispute

Complaint against Prof. Yaron Ilan, head of Internal Medicine ward at Hadassah, follows accusations over publication of studies in which he participated, and also having to do with his harsh attitude toward young researchers.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has filed a disciplinary complaint against Prof. Yaron Ilan, the medical researcher who sparked an ongoing dispute between the university and Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem.

The complaint against Ilan - who heads the Internal Medicine ward at Hadassah and who served until 2005 as vice dean of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School - follows accusations regarding the publication of studies in which he participated, and also having to do with his harsh attitude toward young researchers.

Ilan has already appeared before the university's disciplinary tribunal, whose deliberations are held behind closed doors. If the tribunal decides to convict Ilan, the university may adopt a number of measures against him, including expulsion from the institute. A source at the university said, however, that the affair may end with a compromise that would involve temporary or permanent sanctions against the professor.

Despite filing the complaint, the university also decided to rescind the disciplinary steps taken against Ilan and announced by Hebrew University's rector, Prof. Sarah Stroumsa, in a letter that exposed the affair in June 2010. The university thus lifted the ban placed on Ilan during the past academic year against teaching students. The ban also prevented Ilan from submitting requests for research grants on behalf of or along with the support of the university. He was also required to submit all of his publications for approval by a team of experts.

An investigative report published by Haaretz in October 2010 revealed Ilan's ties with Hadassah Hospital and its commercial arm, Hadasit. Ilan was shown to have provided consulting services to commercial companies in the field of medicine. These ties were at the heart of the dispute between Hadassah and Hebrew University in recent months.

"The Hadassah administration welcomes with satisfaction the Hebrew University's decision to rescind all the measures that were adopted against Yaron Ilan, and to review the matter in an orderly fashion and in keeping with university regulations," said a statement from the hospital's management. "Hadassah regrets the suffering caused to Prof. Ilan over the past year."

Sources at Hebrew University were only able to confirm that a disciplinary complaint had indeed been filed against Ilan.