Heavy Rain Boosts Kinneret, Floods Acre

The rain is expected to ease today after a particularly story 24 hours that saw copious amounts of rainwater, particularly in the Kinneret watershed area in the Hermon.

The Hermon saw 100 millimeters of rain, while in Rosh Pina, which also feeds Lake Kinneret, there had been 35 millimeters of rainfall by noon. Similar amounts fell on Nahalal, Haifa and Netanya. Tel Aviv received a total of 16 millimeters of rain, while the south saw less than 10 millimeters.

Since Friday, the Kinneret watershed region has received a total of 150 to 200 millimeters of rainfall. As of yesterday afternoon, water flows were strengthening in streams feeding the Kinneret.

Since Friday, the lake has risen by five centimeters, one of them yesterday.

The strong rain also boosted rivers in the Sharon, Ramat Menashe and parts of the Negev.

More rain is expected today, accompanied by strong winds. Chances of flooding remain. However, the rain and wind are expected to weaken over the course of the day.

Hillel Glasman, who oversees streams on behalf of the Nature and Parks Authority, sounded joyful yesterday as he traveled between the various Galilee streams in order to measure water flow.

"The flow is slow but clear in the streams of the western Galilee, and you can see water beginning to flow in the streams of the eastern Galilee. The rainfall has reached a level that will now allow water to flow in the Jordan and Iyun rivers."

"So far, the coastal area has received a fantastic amount of rainfall. This is certainly an excellent start [to the winter]," Glasman said.

The entrance to Kibbutz Barkai flooded, and heavy water flow across the nearby Ein Ibrahim junction. Police were guiding traffic there.

Six families from the Barbour neighborhood south of Acre were evacuated after their homes flooded yesterday. The neighborhood has 23 families living in sheds due to a long-term dispute with the municipality over land ownership.

Some claimed the flooding was due to Israel Railways work near the Ne'eman River, which blocked the water flow. Israel Railways responded that there had been flooding in the area even before the works began.

There was flooding in several Arab villages in the western Galilee as well. Majdal Krum, for one, saw heavy flooding, as did a neighborhood near the Acre-Safed road.