Hash Stash: Tel Aviv Police Find Cannabis Hidden in Purim Treats

Hashentaschen anyone? Police warn against 'making people happy' with drugs.


With Purim beginning on Wednesday evening, many Israelis have been busy preparing "mishloach manot," the baskets of treats that are traditionally exchanged on the holiday, but police in Tel Aviv reportedly discovered "mishloach manot" in one Tel Aviv apartment on Monday with novel ingredients, a stash of drugs.

The Jerusalem Online website reported that police discovered the drugs in the form of cannabis-containing "hash brownies." Six suspects were detained for questioning after 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) of the brownies were found, according to the website.

As police were leaving the apartment, they noticed marijuana plants in a neighbor's flowerpots, the website said. A quantity of marijuana seeds were confiscated there. "There are many ways to make people happy on Purim," the police said in a statement, "however, drug dealing isn’t one of them."