Haredi Passengers Jump Ship to Foreign Airlines

Ultra-Orthodox protests against El Al are intensifying, as the migration of passengers from this population group to foreign airlines continues.

On Sunday afternoon, a group of 60 Haredim attempted to switch from an El Al flight to one on Air France. The French airline was approached about two hours before a flight was scheduled to depart Tel Aviv for Paris. Air France quickly arranged seats for 39 of the group's members, all the seats that remained for that flight.

Air France in Israel commented that the Haredi passengers were handled like any other travelers to whom the company offers remaining seats on the flight.

Leaders of the Haredi sector in Israel and worldwide have backed down on one account. They have reneged their threat to cancel their Matmid Frequent Flyer cards, TheMarker learned yesterday. Cancellation of the cards would invalidate the points accumulated toward free flights for thousands of passengers, and in fact would further profit company owners.

El Al did not respond to a request for comment.