Israeli Hamburger Chain Raked Over the Coals for Sexist Advertising

Oded Yaron
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One of the advertisements posted recently on the Agadir Facebook page.Credit: Facebook
Oded Yaron

The upmarket Israeli hamburger chain Agadir is feeling the heat from Facebook users over what many regard as a sexist advertising campaign launched on social media last weekend.

Under the slogan "Rich Taste," the campaign shows young women in scanty clothing cuddling up to much older men with expensive gold watches on their wrists. The men are apparently frail. In the cover photo on the Agadir Facebook page, the man seems to be sitting in a wheelchair; in another he is lying in bed.

One of the captions posted by Agadir reads "A rich meal at a price you can sleep with." Another is "For those with rich taste only."

In response to the campaign, social media users lowered their rating of the company's Facebook page to 1.3 stars – and which point Agadir removed the rating tool altogether.

"The campaign not only degrades women, who in your eyes are hamburger, pieces of meat, but also men, who in your eyes won't get a woman if they don't have money to offer," was one comments posted on the company's Facebook page.

However, others commented that creating a social media storm and getting media coverage was precisely what the company had in mind.

Agadir declined to comment.

לצפייה מגיל 18 ומעלה.

Posted by ‎AGADIR - אגאדיר‎ on Thursday, August 6, 2015

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