Hamas Video Threatening Israelis Draws More Parody Than Fear

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While the Israel Defense Forces is working incessantly to explain Israel's side of the story in Operation Pillar of Defense, Palestinians are not sitting idly by on the social media front, but are circulating  video and photos as well.

On Saturday, two videos popped up on the web: One of them, attributed to Hamas' Azzadin al Qassam Brigades, threatens the lives of Israeli citizens. However, due to technical problems and the broken Hebrew both written and spoken, the video has become one of the hottest parodies on the web. The other video calls on Hamas to attack Tel Aviv.

"From the Palestinian people to the Zionists. Have you missed "tiguei hitabdut" (sic, referring to suicide bombings, which is misspelled) it asks. "Wait soon for us in the bus stops and cafes." Texts threatening Israelis then appear backwards on the screen, and continues to threaten IDF soldiers: "Advance brave, and you will be killed."

The second video is actually a new song by two Palestinian singers, who urge "resistance," Hamas' nickname for "striking Tel Aviv,"

The song, whose chorus repeats the slogan "Oudroub Oudroub Tel Aviv" (flatten Tel Aviv), which was used during the First Gulf War in 1991, includes siren sounds, bombs and claims that the "resistance" successfully shot down an IDF plane.

Qassem a-Najr and Sha'adi al-Borini's song also curses Netanyahu, insults  Israelis and even shows Saddam Hussein himself.

Screenshot of Palestinain propaganda video