Hamas Releases Video of Tunnel Infiltration Into Israel

Footage released by Hamas' military wing purports to show infiltration near Nahal Oz on the Gaza border on Monday, in which five soldiers were killed.

A video published Tuesday by Hamas' military wing purports to show Monday's attack near Nahal Oz on the Gaza border in which five soldiers were killed.

In the film, which is three minutes 48 second long, Hamas militants are seen walking in a tunnel and then emerging armed with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG.) They are seen approaching the Israeli military post and then hiding.

The camera focuses on a soldier and militants fire toward him. Then they burst through the gate of the post, and hurry toward a soldier who is lying on the ground and fire on him a number of times at close range. After that, they gather around the body.

From the quality of the footage it is hard to see whether the Hamas men are abusing the body, checking whether he is dead, or trying to abduct him.

Also shown are exchanges of fire between the IDF soldiers and the Palestinians and its possible to hear the IDF soldiers reporting that an attempt had been made to abduct one of the bodies.

After that, the men are seen leaving the post and running back to the tunnel. At the end of the film, one of the militants displays an IDF gun taken from the post.

The video does not show Hamas militants firing an anti-tank missile at the forces, as the Israeli military had reported. The footage also looks likes it has been edited and is cut in parts.

Screenshot from Hamas video of Nahal Oz infiltration.