Haifa Women Win National Fives

Haifa's team excelled over the weekend in winning the Women's National Fives, making it a club double after the men's team had taken the Wingate Five's trophy the previous weekend.

The icing on the cake for Haifa's women was its first-ever "Fives" since the tournament's inauguration 16 years ago.

Haifa started play in Netanya four points behind log leaders, Ramat Gan, but by the end of the day, it pulled even after wining three of four games while Ramat Gan won just one out of three.

The championship was decided on shot difference, which found the Haifa team 16 shots better than Ramat Gan, despite having started the day 23 shots behind.

Much credit must go to Haifa's Miriam Pappenheimer, who was undefeated in six rounds of singles, defeating some of Israel's top international players, including Ruthie Gilor, Liat Atlas, Carmel Scop, Chaya Prager and Bernice Pillemer.

In her final round, Pappenheimer beat a frustrated Scop 21-4 with an outstanding exhibition of consistent drawing to the jack head after head.

Pappenheimer made an even further impact when she and her partner Irit Grenchel beat Ra'anana's Arlene Rubin and Isobel Myers 20-16. That left the Haifa foursome of Jacquie Lieberthal, Galina Fishman, Esther Ish-Shalom and Irit Grenchel just to win their game against Ra'anana to clinch the overall trophy; they did so in a 21-9 victory against Ra'anana's Arlene Rubin, Pesel Gelman, Helen Gordon and Hadassah Fisher.

While Haifa lost its triples game, 19-12, against Ra'anana's Gelman, Scop and Kantor, the combined tally in their four games left them clear winners on shot difference against Ramat Gan.