Haifa Oil Refineries Claims Abuse in Anti-pollution Tests

Haifa Oil Refineries initiated legal proceedings this month against the Ministry of Environmental Protection in a bid to lift conditions imposed by the ministry linking the company's business license to air pollution abatement measures.

In the wake of several incidents over the past year involving contamination of soil and water with petroleum products, the ministry ordered Haifa Oil Refineries to carry out extensive testing in the vicinity of its plants and to clean up any contamination as part of the conditions for receiving business permits from the ministry.

These included ground, water and gas emission surveys in the area between the refineries to the east and the Kishon Marina to the west.

Oil Refineries this month submitted an administrative appeal against the new licensing conditions. The company is asking the court to void the new terms, which it called "abusive" in its appeal. The state has not yet submitted its response to the petition.