Haifa High Schools Will Reopen Today

Despite an 8-day-old high school strike across the country, Haifa high schools are expected to reopen today for some 20,000 students after an independent agreement between the Haifa Municipality and the city's principals. In response, the Secondary School Teachers' Organization threatened to strip teachers who cross the picket line of membership in the organization.

The deal for reopening Haifa's high schools was reached through an agreement with the city's educators from the National Israeli Teachers Organization. Yesterday, Ran Erez, the chairman of the SSTO told Israel Radio that Haifa's educational program was "in a failed state" and accused the municipality of not investing enough in public education institutions.

In a conversation with Haaretz, Erez said he would hold disciplinary actions against the scabs if the strike is broken in Haifa. "I will demand that they be expelled from the organization," Erez said. Most of Haifa teachers belong to the association.