Hadar Shines in Wingate Fives

The second round of the men's Wingate Fives was completed last weekend at Netanya, with all players now poised for Saturday's round, which will determine the section winners.

The second round of the men's Wingate Fives was completed last weekend at Netanya, with all players now poised for Saturday's round, which will determine the section winners.

Teams from all local clubs participate for the Netanya club's silver trophies in each of the four disciplines of singles, pairs, trips and fours, and then for the prestigious Andre Spitzer Trophy for the overall winners with the highest combined points. The tournament is played off in two round-robin sections of four teams in each, with the section winners playing off for their respective trophies.

In the singles, Zvika Hadar (Ra'anana Green) is the only one in his section to have won both his games, while, in the other section, each of the four players have won one and lost one. Hadar, in his first game, had won 21-19 against Haifa's Ari Ben-Dor and, in his second game, won 21-15 against Netanya's Moshe Schwartzberg.

Ben-Dor, however, came through in his second game with a 21-20 win against Kiryat Ono's Meir Eitan, after peels at 20-all, and after Eitan had led 17-10. Motti Dreyfus (Jerusalem) did well to beat Amir Yaron (Savyon) 21-18, after trailing 4-12 and after peels at 18-all in the penultimate end. In a singles marathon of 31 heads, Faz Kusman (Ra'anana White) came through with excellent bowling to win 21-19 against Ramat Gan's Boaz Marcus. At 19-all, Kusman on a full-length head lay one shot and with his last bowl drew inches from the jack for a two-count and game.

In the pairs, Haifa's Harry Katz with Ben-Dor have won both the games in their section, while in the other section, Marcus with Herzel Dunsky are also unbeaten. In the day's play, Ramat Gan beat Ra'anana's Gerald Sacks with Denis Philips 19-14, after peels at 14-all. Amir Yaron with Amnon Kosovsky won 21-17 against Netanya's Norman Panovka and Guss Sadowitz after 17-all at the 19th end. Katz and Ben-Dor beat Ivan Kantor and Lyonel Samuelson (Ra'anana White) 19-14, and Kiryat Ono's Eitan with Yitzchak Buberman won 22-15 against Jerusalem's Berel Koseff and Norman Abrahamson.

In the triples, Gordon Siblerstein's Ra'anana team and Yossi Greenberg's Haifa team have each won both their games in their respective sections. In the day's play, Haifa beat Motti Edelstein's Kiryat Ono side 20-12, Ramat Gan (Rami Oron) won 23-11 against Kuzman's side, Gordon Silberstein won 22-12 against Monty Zion's Jerusalem side, and Savyon's Yoel Mlockier won 21-8 against Netanya. In the fours, Kantor's Ra'anana's side and Oron's Ramat Gan team have won both their games in their respective sections.

Kantor beat Yaakov Raz's Kiryat Ono's foursome 17-15, Haifa (Harry Katz) beat Ra'anana (Silberstein) 20-16, Ramat Gan (Oron) won 23-15 against Savyon (Mlockier) and Netanya beat Jerusalem (Koseff) 22-15.

Combined log points after two rounds (out of a maximum possible 16): Haifa, Ramat Gan and Ra'anana (Green side) 12 each, Ra'anana (White side) 9, Savyon 8, Kiryat Ono and Netanya 4 each, Jerusalem 3.

Women's National Fives

Saturday also saw the completion of the fourth round in the corresponding women's competition, the National fives. Two more rounds are to be played among the seven clubs entered in the one-section round robin competition.

In the singles, Haifa's Miriam Pappenheimer is setting the pace and is solely undefeated having won 21-14 against Ruthie Gilor (Kiryat Ono), 21-5 against Chaya Prager (Savyon), 21-17 against Liat Atlas (Ramat Gan) and 21-15 against Ruth Gorali (Ramat Hasharon).

In Saturday's play, Pappenheimer beat Gorali 21-15, Scop beat Shosh Assiyahu (Ramat Gan) 21-12, and Savyon's Chaya Prager edged out Netanya's Bernice Pillemer 21-19, after trailing 10-18.

In the pairs, Kiryat Ono's Gilor and Esti Yogev are the only unbeaten side.

In Saturday's play, the Ramat Hasharon pairing of Lorraine Couzin and Margie Goss caused a major upset when they beat the strong combination of Haifa's Pappenheimer and Irit Grenchel 24-14, after trailing 6-9 at the half way mark.

Ra'anana's Arlene Rubin with Isobel Myers won 24-17 against Ramat Gan's Naomi Fix and Shosh Assiyahu, while Netanya's Dolores Linde with Laureen Harris had an excellent 20-14 win against Savyon's Prager and Ziva Iron.

In the trips, the trio of Yael Bar-Ner, Gina Eting and Tova Mlockier are unbeaten, and on Saturday accounted for Netanya 30-12.

Haifa's Jacqui Lieberthal, Galina Fishman and Tova Liebeman edged out Ramat Hasharon's Yaffa

Lavin, Esme Rabin and Ruth Gorali by a single shot, collecting a vital two in the last end for

their 17-16 win. But it was the Ramat Gan threesome which received the shock of the day. Tami Kamzel, Tzila Gavish and Riri Merav started the last head four up against Ra'anana's Pesel Gelman, Carmel Scop and Shirley Kantor.

As so often happens at the game of bowls, Ra'anana came through with a five count on the last end to clinch their 15-14 win.

In the fours, Ramat Gan (Kamzel) maintained their unbeaten record when they won 24-9 against Ra'anana (Arlene Rubin), while Netanya (Dolores Linde) won 23-17 against Savyon (Yael Bar Ner).

Overall log points: Haifa 18, Ramat Gan 14, Ra'anana 13, Kiryat Ono 12, Savyon 10, Ramat Hasharon 9, Netanaya 8. (Ramat Gan, Kiryat Ono, Savyon, and Ramat Hasharon each have a match in hand.)