Hackers Break Into Likud Web Site

Before dawn on Friday hackers entered the Likud's Internet site Likud.org.il, replacing three news flashes with English ones in which Prime Minister Ariel Sharon criticizes his sons Omri and Gilad for remaining silent during their police interrogation.

The planted news flashes also had Sharon blasting the Knesset members' moral standards.

For example, the headline of one news flash says: "Sharon: My two sons Gilad and Omri behave like Uday and Qusay." The text said: "My sons' silence in police investigations signals to others to do the same. The public must know that the police is not the enemy."

The headline of the second item said: "Sharon: There is a strong link between 15 year olds who cannot read and the example my sons set." The body of the text said: "Young people get the impression that this is how things really work. Why study hard if you can cheat? Why make an effort if you have no one to look up to?"

The third report quoted Sharon as saying, "The Likud suffers from low quality Knesset members ... Likud Knesset members Naomi Blumenthal, Yehiel Hazan, Michael Gorolovsky, Yaakov Edri and my son Omri set a bad example for the citizens. How can we expect people to follow the law while some of us double-vote and some keep silent in police investigations?"

Likud director-general Arik Barmi confirmed the site had been hacked into on the night between Thursday and Friday. "I asked our computer people to shut it down, clean out the inserted messages and put it back on the Internet. At the same time I ordered filing a complaint with the police," he said.

On Friday afternoon, the site went up again without the phony news flashes.