Haaretz Lawyers Give State Kamm Files

Blau told attorneys where docs were kept

Lawyers representing Haaretz gave Tel Aviv district attorneys classified documents yesterday that journalist Uri Blau had been holding since receiving them from Anat Kamm while she was a soldier at GOC Central Command in 2008.

Haaretz lawyers Mibi Mozer and Tali Lieblich met with Tel Aviv district attorneys Ruth David-Blum and Hadas Fuhrer-Gafny to transfer the documents that Kamm allegedly leaked.

The parties involved are currently negotiating to resolve the matter and allow Blau − who has been in London since the affair broke − to return to Israel.

Blau’s lawyers returned last week from London, where they met with their client and received information on the location of the classified documents still in his possession.
Mozer and Lieblich said the journalist had not been holding any of the documents in London, and added that they hope that the return of the papers will bring about the end of the affair.

Kamm, 23, had previously urged Blau to return to Israel and give the documents to security services.

She said she had given up her journalistic immunity as a source.

She has been indicted in Tel Aviv District Court on charges of aggravated espionage; a conviction carries a life sentence.