Voices of Europe | Episode 3: Back to the Future of The EU

What will the future of the EU look like - white and conservative, or multinational and progressive? And will the "sea of bodies" of African immigrants cause European countries to repent past sins of colonialism? Oren Nahari hosts Polish journalist and Italian author in a new episode of the podcast series, produced in collaboration with the EU National Institutes for Culture

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Immigrant boat
Voices of Europe | Episode 3: Back to the Future of The EUCredit: Shutterstock

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Voices of Europe: The Future of European Culture & Society

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Demographic changes, secularization and the re-emergence of nationalism are changing the face of Europe and what began as a union of white and Christian countries, has over the years become a mash-up of languages, cultures and religions. The big waves of immigration from Africa and Asia have changed the face of countries like Germany and France, but from the east, countries like Poland and Hungary are tightening their immigration policies and the demographic changes are few.

The new Europeans are members of immigrants or refugee families who have crossed by land or sea, a generation of millennials influenced by social and cultural values that permeate from the United States. Europe's colonial history keeps haunting it, leaving behind a trail of shattered statues and a demand to recognize the rights of the victims over centuries of enslavement and economic and physical exploitation.

Oren Nahari hosts Dariusz Rosiak, a senior journalist, author and producer of the popular weekly podcast "Report on the State of the World", and Igiaba Scego, writer and researcher born in Rome to a family of Somali origins, and asks them both - what will the future of the EU look like? And is there room for optimism for a vision of social and cultural unity?

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