Voices of Europe | Episode 1: What Is Europe?

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Oren Nahari

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Where does Europe begin and end and does the question consist of political boundaries, or a broader definition - of changing cultures and values? Western Europe is seen as a smug and prosperous continent and a model for developed countries, while many parts of Eastern Europe are left behind, even today - three decades after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The geographical boundaries of the continent were adjusted and redrawn by wars, waves of migration and now also a global epidemic, and were sometimes defined by religious and political affiliation and economic power.

The European values of the 19th century multinational empires crumbled under the pressure of two world wars and the continental vision took on different forms until the establishment of the EU model, a vision that raises the same issues about the continent's borders and countries.

Oren Nahari hosts Paul Schmidt, Secretary General of the Austrian Society for European Politics, and Kristina Sabaliauskaite, art historian and doctor honoris causa of Vilnius Academy of Arts, and together they dive into the tangle of issues that arise from the question "What is Europe?", is it definable and does the EU represent Europe.

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