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Why Study in Israel?

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International students at an Israeli university. Photo Yonit Schiller
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“Studying in Israel is like nothing else. The exposure to the start-up culture and high-tech industry is unmatched, allowing you to gain access to opportunities you never knew existed before. I think that studying in Israel will give me a worldwide network of connections which is important as our world becomes more global” (Jacob, USA)

World-class center of academic excellence

In Israel, students will find world renowned higher education institutions, Nobel-winning faculty, and rigorous programs of study in English. The Israeli higher education system is well known for its academic excellence, with opportunities to connect to some of the finest students and researchers from around the world. Moreover, higher education in Israel often costs far less than universities elsewhere, while still offering the prestige of a globally recognized degree. With several institutions ranked among the highest in the world and professors that are at the top of their field, in Israel students get to study from the best of the best!

Debate and collaborate

The academic vibe in Israel is very inclusive and engaging. Classes in Israel are very noisy. That’s because professors look students in the eye and want to hear what they have to say. Speaking up and challenging existing perceptions is valued and encouraged, and debates and discussions are a central part of the academic experience – in a good way! Israel’s informal culture, along with its flat hierarchy, enables students to take an active role in their studies and engage in excellence.

Learning to get things done

Israel’s unique academic environment, where critical and creative thinking is encouraged, is what makes Israel the ‘Start-Up Nation.’ Ranked #6 in the world by the Bloomberg Innovation Index, Israel’s students gain entrepreneurial skills from innovation experts and develop an innovative mindset, preparing them for a rapidly changing world. They learn how to shape an idea into a plan and make it happen. 

A vibrant, dynamic lifestyle

There’s more to studying in Israel than just hitting the books. In Israel there are plenty of dynamic, vibrant cultural opportunities – including extraordinary cities, food, nightlife, and travel. Israelis are fun and welcoming and will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest. Dive into Israel’s rich history and heritage: the country is overflowing with attractions and sites.

Exceptional mix of cultures

Israel is an extraordinary multi-cultural community where everyone is welcomed. Israelis come from many different backgrounds, traditions and religions and have different beliefs and agendas. It’s a country full of contrasts and that’s what makes it so fascinating and beautiful. This diversity opens students’ minds and introduces them to new perspectives.

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