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Ranked Number One – Again

For the second year in a row, Ono Academic College tops the Best Lecturers category in the nationwide Teaching Quality Survey

Dan Zeller
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In October 2015, the National Union of Israeli Students published its annual student satisfaction survey, and the results indicate that students are more satisfied with the colleges than with the universities. Ono Academic College is ranked in first place in the surveys Best Lecturers category.

Clearly, Onos students appreciate the outstanding faculty, which includes such distinguished professors as Former Education Minister Rabbi Shai Piron, Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Prof. Gabriela Shalev, Former Accountant General Prof. Yaron Zelekha, Chairman of the Israeli Securities Authority Prof. Shmuel Hauser and Prof. Zohar Goshen. Prof. Yuval Elbashan, one of the most prominent social justice lawyers in Israel, has recently been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College. This is the first time that someone actively involved in social justice law will be at the helm of an Israeli law school.

The National Union of Israeli Students published its student satisfaction survey for the sixth year running, with responses from more than 10,000 students. It examined many areas of student satisfaction with their academic studies, among them the level of the courses, the quality of the teaching by lecturers and assistants, the degree curriculum and the physical conditions at the various institutions.

The findings indicate that students at the universities and government-funded colleges are less satisfied than those attending private colleges, and their satisfaction rankings are significantly lower in every one of the categories examined.

Dynamic and growing fast

Ono Academic College is a recognized institute of higher education established in 1995. Within a few years it has become the most dynamic academic institution in Israel, with the fastest growth.

There are five faculties at Ono Academic College: the Law Faculty, the Business Administration Faculty, the Health Professions Faculty, the Humanities Faculty and the Music School. The student body totals more than 10,000 students studying at the various faculties in the Ono region near Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem.

Ono is also leading the way in a surprising number of relevant new fields, including a Master's degree in Management focusing on the environment. Furthermore, its concern for the quality of health care in Israel and the need for health professionals has led the college to open a new faculty granting degrees in Occupational Therapy and Communication Therapy.

In the fields of Law and Business Administration, faculty members have initiated research institutes dealing with practical issues that are adding to the quality of Israel's professional expertise on an ongoing basis.

Narrowing gaps in Israeli society

Ono Academic College has made changing the face of society in Israel its motto. At Ono, the belief is that academic education is a necessary tool for integration into the labor market and for narrowing gaps in Israeli society. Ono is changing the face of Israeli society, first by expanding the circle of young people who obtain an academic education and second through unique social projects.

Indeed, not only is Ono Israel's fastest growing institute of higher education, its emphasis on academic excellence has been extended into the field of social reform. Ono has initiated a series of programs integrated into its regular study framework to aid those who have been deprived of the rights, privileges and personal resources enjoyed by mainstream Israeli society.

Ono believes in the power of educational programs to produce leadership that will mend the social gaps. For this reason, the college actively recruits students from the Ethiopian Israeli community and provides them with substantial scholarships and a program of support and employment services.

Another important initiative is the establishment of a separate campus for ultra-Orthodox students, to provide them with an environment which respects their religious beliefs and enables them to acquire an academic degree in a professional field.

This year, Ono opened a multicultural MA in Consulting and Counseling for Educational and Social Organizations where mid-career educators from all of Israel's religious and social sectors study together and are taught by a multicultural faculty.

As befits its goals, Ono Academic College places great importance on the process of finding an appropriate place of employment for graduates. The Employment Placement Unit provides information and ongoing counseling for students regarding employment opportunities, training and preparation for the search process, and establishes contacts between graduates and a large variety of private and public sector employers, matching graduates to fitting positions.

For more information about Ono Academic College, visit www.ono.ac.il