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Many Good Reasons

There are many benefits to studying at IDC Herzliyas Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS), the largest academic absorption center in Israel. Take a look at the top seven reasons why international students are so enthusiastic about the RRIS

1. Wide range of BA programs in English

A lecture hall at IDC Herzliya

The RRIS prides itself on the wide variety of excellent full-degree three year BA programs taught entirely in English: Psychology, Business (with majors in Finance, Marketing or Entrepreneurship), Business and Economics, Communications (majors in Marketing and Political Communications, Visual Content or Interactive Communications), Government (majors in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution, Middle East Studies, Counter Terrorism or Business Administration) and Computer Science.

The newly launched computer science track through IDCs Efi Arazi School of Computer Science provides students with a rigorous, analytical foundation in mathematics, as well as a thorough understanding of computer science and IT theory, and practical software development skills. There is also an optional specialization in Systems Security and Computer Gaming.

Shuli Finley, originally from Los Angeles, made Aliyah after high school and then served in the IDFs Intelligence Corps for two years before starting her degree. My natural inclination was actually to study liberal arts, but during my army service I was exposed to technology and decided to study computer science. Its applicable to every industry and is integrated in every field, she explains.

Prof. Uriel Reichman (left) and RRIS head Jonathan Davis at a graduation ceremony

Even though Shuli now speaks Hebrew well, she doesnt read or write at a high level and was apprehensive about studying in Hebrew. I chose IDC because they were so encouraging and supportive. The program is hard, as expected, but the staff is always available to help to smooth out any wrinkles. Our classes are also relatively small, which is an advantage.

2. Vibrant international student body

What makes IDC Herzliya and the RRIS so unique is the fact that one out of four students on campus studies in the English language and originates from any one of over 80 different countries, representing every continent, says Jonathan Davis, head of the Raphael Recanati International School. In fact, IDC Herzliya has the most students in the State of Israel studying for full degrees in English.

Business student Sandy Li from China (center), with friends from the RRIS

RRIS is proud of its diverse student body and its students invariably mention the great advantage of being able to network with people from all around the globe. Whats more, the multicultural facet of the student body ensures that the students do not only gain academically from the high level of the lecturers, but also from the international character of the students and the discussions that evolve during class.

An exciting development over the past few years has been the increasing number of Asian students on campus, which include students from the Republic of China, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and Mongolia. The Chinese contingent has been growing steadily during the last few years as the trailblazers encourage their friends back home to join them in enjoying the IDC experience. IDC is also now in the process of being added to the Chinese Ministry of Educations official list of recognized foreign colleges.

Sandy Li is a 20-year old from Guangzhou, China who is now in her third year at IDC, studying Business with a major in Marketing. Sandy first heard of Israel at age 12, when she learned about drip irrigation, an Israeli invention, from her Biology text book. In high school she was interested in business and entrepreneurship, and heard about Israel being the start-up nation. Most of the kids in her high school went abroad to college, and she decided on Israel as her destination. After looking through a list of Israeli academic institutions on Wikipedia, she clicked on the IDC Herzliya link and saw that it was a perfect fit as they offer a Business degree in English.

IDC Herzliya has great programs for us students, such as the Zell Entrepreneurship program and the Co-op programs, which offer interesting internship opportunities, Sandy elaborates. There are also many excellent guest lecturers. She is no less enthusiastic about her social life at IDC. Im active in school clubs and participate in social and cultural events, where I mingle with a mix of Israeli and international students.

3. Study Abroad opportunities

RRISs Study Abroad program allows students from all around the world who are already studying at a university to attend IDC Herzliya for either a semester or a year. Following admission, Study Abroad students work with an academic advisor to build a personal schedule and select relevant courses from the various schools and faculties on campus and are not restricted by subject. Students are strongly advised to consult with their home institutions on intended courses of study.

Study Abroad students become an integral part of the IDC Herzliya student body and receive the same assistance and benefits.

4. One-Year MBA 

The Arison School of Business and the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship offer a one-year MBA program, taught in English, which focuses on the management of fast-growing, innovative companies.

The one-year program is ideal for students who have just completed their BAs and want to continue directly to a graduate degree. Courses are taught by top lecturers who are leading academics and practitioners in their fields.

The goal of the program is to provide students with managerial tools that will enable seamless integration into the business world, offering new opportunities and a quick jumpstart of their professional careers. This MBA is suitable for students who possess a strong academic background and are interested in investing in a particularly intensive degree for a short period of time. The program comprises a relevant practical element, including the options of practicing in start-up firms, internships at different companies, or participation in practical projects with the guidance of lecturers and managers.

5. Public advocacy activities

IDC Herzliyas founder and president, Professor Uriel Reichman, formulated IDCs mission statement over 20 years ago, based on the Zionist ideal of contributing to the State of Israel and the Jewish People. During Operations Pillar of Defense in 2012 and Protective Edge in 2014, this mission statement was taken to heart and IDCs Student Union opened Situation Rooms to advocate for Israel's legitimacy and to increase international awareness of the Israeli perspective.

During Operation Protective Edge, more than 650 volunteers worked in the Situation Room for 30 days, 18 hours a day. Among their many accomplishments: 40 million people were exposed to the materials that the students created; five Facebook pages in five different languages were maintained; 11 videos were produced; and 700 original advocacy materials were created and translated into different languages. These activities were unique and generated a great deal of attention worldwide, with articles published in leading newspapers such as The New York Times and The Guardian.

Following the Situation Rooms compelling impact, IDC recently decided to establish a Public Advocacy Division on campus – complete with an academic program.

New to IDC Herzliyas faculty, Ambassador Ron Prosor, Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2011 to 2015, now holds the Abba Eban Chair of Diplomacy and International Relations and serves as an adviser to the Argov Fellows Program in Leadership and Diplomacy, and will be mentoring the Public Diplomacy Program.

6. Student satisfaction

Year after year, IDC Herzliya is ranked number one in student satisfaction in nation-wide surveys of 20,000 students at 60 universities and colleges. In addition to the homely atmosphere and the wealth of social and extra-curricular options available to IDC students, the superb faculty, all of whom are experts in their chosen fields, is responsible for much of the students enthusiasm.

7. Unique campus life

Last but not least, students at IDC Herzliya have the opportunity to participate in a wide selection of extra-curricular activities, including debating, sports clubs, Model UN, Dance Group, Drama Club, IDC Choir, IDC Orchestra, Hillel, AEPi and more.

The students are also taken on field trips to get to know the country and are invited to join in the celebrations during holiday time.

All the above ensures that international students from all walks of life quickly become part of an exciting and supportive community in which they enjoy a first-rate education and fun and fulfilling social life.

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