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The art of teaching art

Beit Berls Faculty of Arts – the Midrasha – is the leading academic institution in Israel for training teachers and artists in the fields of plastic arts and cinematography

Ella Lavon
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The uniqueness of Beit Berl's Midrasha stems from its decades of tradition and from the generations of artists who have taught there, while at the same time integrating new concepts, trends and variations in contemporary art with an emphasis on the spirit of the time.

Artistic pluralism
The Midrasha awards a B.Ed.F.A. undergraduate degree in education and fine art, a B.Ed.F.A. in film, and a M.Ed. Masters degree in art education. In addition, courses are offered for certificates in art, film studies, art therapy, art teachers and a pre-academic art program for the Arab sector.
The Midrasha's teachers are among the best artists and film-makers in Israel, and they espouse a range of sometimes clashing viewpoints, representing the spirit of the Midrasha both in their own creations and as teachers – a wide pluralism that embraces a variety of worldviews, resulting in a fruitful and vigorous debate. This approach enables students to develop their own critical thinking and to formulate their own unique artistic path.
The Midrasha strives to provide its students with a firm grasp of the art-related body of knowledge, while reinforcing and refining their own creative output. Art is imbibed as a language and as a way of thinking, while the practical infrastructure of design is acquired.
The combination of studying art and studying art education enables students to be involved in culture both as creative artists and as art educators.
This meeting between hands-on engagement in art and art teaching compels students to define their own position and philosophy relating to art in particular and to culture in general. By studying different approaches and outlooks in the artistic sphere, the students formulate their own credo which they will later advocate when teaching art.

Important cultural center
Over the years, the Midrasha has developed into a cultural center. Its teachers, most of them Midrasha graduates, are among the most prominent artists and film-makers in Israel, and have been responsible for designing important artistic and cultural endeavors – both as artists and as teachers who train the next generations of artists.
The Midrashas formative, central place in Israeli culture is manifested far beyond the realm of art instruction. It is seen and heard with fervor in the local artistic dialogue as well as on different occasions.
The Midrasha operates four galleries, publishes a unique journal, hosts a wide variety of guest lecturers, organizes study days on different topics, engages in joint projects with other cultural institutions and hosts guest lecturers/artists from overseas, among many other activities.

The Midrasha's new center in Tel Aviv

New Tel Aviv Center
The Midrashas new center in Tel Aviv for art, education and culture, which opened at 19 Hayarkon Street in January 2014, is a welcome expansion of the Midrashas activity and involvement in the field of art and culture in Israel. Located on two floors, with a space of 500 sq.m., it includes an art gallery (replacing the previous gallery at 34 Dizengoff St.), with designated areas for screening video and film, seminars and conferences, community activities, lectures for the general public, art and art education archives, and a library.
The aim is to serve as a stage for presenting the work of artists, theoreticians and educators as part of events for the general public. In addition, the site offers its facilities for special projects in need of premises, and thus functions as an active hothouse for cultural activity.

Open House at the Midrasha is March 16-20, 2014.
For more information about Beit Berl College, please visit: or call 09-7478788.

The Midrasha enables art students to formulate their own unique artistic pathCredit: Nadav Ben-Nun, the Midrasha