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Politics in the age of global communication

Why do so many international students choose to study Political Science and Political Communication at Tel Aviv University? Probably because of the expert faculty, the experience gained during fascinating site visits, the networking and career-building opportunities and the diverse student body

David Zeller
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The program's appeal can also be attributed to the fact that it is located in Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps, where students are constantly debating global and local politics, both inside and outside the classroom.

An exciting year
Tel Aviv University's M.A. in Political Science and Political Communication is a one-year, full-time program taught in English, which offers Israeli and international students academic excellence, attention to development of practical skills and outstanding extracurricular opportunities.
During an exciting year in Israel, renowned scholars and leading practitioners allow students to sharpen their abilities and explore future opportunities. A variety of academic trips guided by top specialists enables students to meet with political leaders and prominent journalists and to visit Israel's governmental, parliamentary and media institutions, among other sites of interest.
The global student body hails from all over the world, including from Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and North and South America. This diversity leverages discussions that are an integral part of the program's curriculum, taking them to new directions and emphasizing the complexity of politics in the age of global communication.
Students are encouraged to take up extracurricular activities and supplement their academic work with internships at organizations ranging from preeminent political and research institutes to communication teams and diplomatic missions.

Unique interdisciplinary approach
The program prepares students for employment in various roles, such as: Political Analysts, Campaign Managers, Lobbyists, Parliamentary Assistants, Communication Consultants, Journalists, Diplomats, Aca-demics and more.
This program is unique in its interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of politics and in providing tools for the study of the special relationship between politics and communication, notes Prof. Amal Jamal, the Program's Academic Director. Studying Political Communication here in Tel Aviv gives students a unique look at the impact that the communication revolution is having on the political conduct of leaders in democratic settings. Leadership in our region is challenged by the special attention of the global media, and this turns our setting into a great aquarium for studying how the globalization of the media influences patterns of behavior of elected leaders, he concludes.

Alumni testimonials 
Kincino Aramis Hernandes Melgar, Mexico: Academic excellence, a practical approach to politics, networking and internship opportunities are why this program is a strong option. Having the Mediterranean beaches close by is also important!
Aliza Goldsmith, USA: My time here has been absolutely remarkable. I can't imagine a better place in the world to study Political Science, since we are constantly debating global politics both inside and outside the classroom.
Iva Isakov, Serbia: I have had some great networking opportunities and have experienced in this period of time more than most people do in ten years. Chances are you will be looking back on it as one of the best choices you have ever made. I know I do!
Jacqueline Kelly, USA: My experience being a part of the program has given me a lifetime of opportunities and experiences. It enabled me to take part in fascinating internships, and to attend and help co-ordinate conferences. It also challenged me as an individual.

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