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Opening the gates to successful careers

Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem – a long-standing well-respected college located in Jerusalem – has opened a Center for Career Management that guides and supports students as they enter the job market

Shira Rosen
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Around 2,700 students from all sectors of the population study at Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem. The College's academic programs for both B.A. and M.A. degrees are approved by the Council for Higher Education and include a large range of unique fields, from Computer Science, Politics and Communication and Management of Service Organizations to Industrial Design, Photographic Communication, Biotechnology, Optometry, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Environmental Health Sciences. A range of additional exciting programs are currently being developed.
The supreme goal of the College is to make higher education accessible to everyone without having to compromise the high academic level. The College has an open-door policy, ensures that everyone receives an equal opportunity, and enables every student to realize their full potential.

Prof. Bertold Fridlender, President of Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem

Creating a competitive advantage
Hadassah College's cumulative experience shows that the transition from academic studies to a career is a challenging process that is often marked by uncertainty and anxiety. Students' entry to the job market is often blocked due to a large amount of competition for each job opening, a lack of familiarity with the professional world, a gap in their abilities, a lack of relevant work experience in the field they studied and difficulty in professional networking that can result in employment. These are some of the obstacles that make it hard for students to find work that suits their studies and their skills.
The Center for Career Management at the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem, founded by the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation, was established in order to cope with these obstacles and provide a competitive advantage to its students and graduates in the job market.
The objective of the Center is to allow the students and graduates to make the most of the higher education they received at the College by developing a career with financial, professional and personal prospects. The Center accompanies the students and graduates throughout the process of searching for and obtaining work, starting from their third year of studies. From the second year of studies, the Center for Career Management is available for students to help them select their future career and match their course load to their career plan.
The College considers itself to be a full partner in developing their students' future careers and fulfills its destiny only when graduates find their place in the job market in careers where they achieve their academic potential. The Center provides tools, know-how and special programs whose purpose is to increase the students' awareness, direction and initiative as far as their professional, economic and personal future is concerned.

Prof. Bertold Fridlender in the library

Academic excellence
Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem believes that Israel's growth and development is closely connected to its ability to produce and train a high-quality, skilled workforce that will ensure that the country remains at the technological vanguard.
Therefore, the College emphasizes academic excellence and focuses on studies that are suited to the job market, and sees its role as not only providing education but also training young people to find work that fits their academic abilities. In this manner, the College contributes its share to the graduates, to the city of Jerusalem, to the Israeli job market and to the country's growth.

Prof. Bertold Fridlender, president of Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem, says that, "Academic institutions must do everything they can to impart skills and education to young people that will open gates to success and advancement. In the first stage, we must convince young people that higher education guarantees them a better future. At the same time, we must fill the academic gaps that exist among the weaker population groups, and to provide support, guidance and financial and learning aid to each and every student. We have to make every effort so that whoever enters our gates will depart an educated, skilled person with ambitions. I believe that the participation of the entire Israeli cultural mosaic in the educational market will build bridges of tolerance and will create a more pluralistic and fair society.

However, education is not enough. I believe that the role of institutions of higher education is not only to educate but also to prepare our students for the days after their studies are completed, and to provide them with all the tools and skills to create a successful career for themselves. That is the reason we founded the Center for Career Management in cooperation with the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation."

For more information about Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem, visit www.hadassah.ac.il or www.facebook.com/hadassah.college, or call *2292.

The Center for Career Management at the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem provides a competitive advantage in the job market