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The School of Continuing Education at the David Yellin Academic College of Education is an important center for the professional development of teachers, education workers and teaching support professionals in Jerusalem and its environs

Shira Rosen
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David Yellin College's School of Continuing Education offers diverse programs, mostly diploma courses, together with challenging and interesting courses characterized by a combination of up-to-date theoretical knowledge, experience and implementation. These courses fulfill the need of teachers and educators to expand and deepen their professional knowledge and also to develop new vocations.

The school's staff is distinguished by its high professional standard and personal approach towards each student, and they do their utmost to transform learning into a challenging, inspiring and empowering experience, both professionally and personally.

Over 1,600 people study in the school's various programs and courses.

Programs for professional and personal enrichment

  • Program in Editing and Editorial Scholarship: This two-semester certificate programprovides training and professional enrichment for people interested in becoming editors or for those already working as editors in the English language. The program imparts skills needed for the preparation of publication-quality texts for use in both print and electronic media.The program is designed for individuals interested in developing and refining their editorial and text analysis skills for professional application and personal enrichment.
  • Creative Writing: The goals of the program are to imbue students with an appreciation of the creative writing process and to introduce students to the elements of creative writing, such as description, setting, voice, point of view, characterization and scene/narrative. The language of instruction is English.
  • Remedial Teaching – English Language: A professional educators program to assist children with learning difficulties in the EFL classroom and meet their needs. Participants will learn how to help children with a wide variety of learning difficulties and empower them to utilize their abilities and knowledge, raise their self-esteem and achieve their full learning potential alongside their peers.
  • The English Tutor Program: Provides the tools you need to tutor English on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Courses include: preparing students for the Bagrut exam, teaching reading and writing, and coping with learning disabilities. For this program, a new class starts every two years. The goal of the program is to prepare people for work with individuals and small groups as tutors of English. An emphasis is placed on teaching children with learning disabilities. This program is meant for native speakers of English or for Israelis with a high level of proficiency in English. Candidates must have had at least two years of academic study and basic computer skills.

For further information contact the School of Continuing Educationat the David Yellin AcademicCollege of Education: www.dyellin.ac.il, 7 Maagal Beit Hamidrash St., Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem. Tel. 02-6587541, email: hemshech@dyellin.ac.il.

The lovely campus of the David Yellin Academic College of Education