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Books, lectures and presentations are still part of the schedule, but the International M.A. in Security and Diplomacy at Tel Aviv University – Israel's largest, premier research university – also includes a Middle East crisis simulation, the Ambassador Forum, field trips to the borders of Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, and much more

David Zeller
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Just as fashion lovers will find the best institutions of learning in Italy, and those for potential chefs in France, the place to study security and diplomacy is Israel.
Studying here, in the heart of the Middle East, is an advantage to anyone interested in these fields. Israel is at the epicenter of the world's attention, containing a wealth of professional expertise in security and diplomacy.

Best career investment
Exemplifying that unique knowledge and skill set, the International M.A. in Security and Diplomacy at Tel Aviv University brings together internationally-renowned scholars and leading practitioners.
Every year, approximately 50 students are chosen out of hundreds of applicants. Students come from all over the world, representing more than 25 different countries, to participate in this unique program, which in turn paves the way for professional advancement.
The program's students and alumni have secured jobs and internships in think tanks, embassies, media and advocacy organizations, the United Nations, and other public and private bodies.

Jessica Pennetier, France, Class of 2012: My year in the program was pivotal in wanting to work for the French Ministry of Defense. Delving into security challenges all year, and exchanging perspectives with army officers in Israel undoubtedly shaped my ambition to enlist in the French Army. I cannot praise enough the quality and the added value of this program.
Neil Segel, United States, Class of 2013: I was encouraged and assisted by the program's administration to pursue multiple internships. Thanks in large part to my experiences, I am now currently a Trade and Development Officer at the Israeli Economic Mission to the Southern United States. I can confidently assert that without these practical and complementary experiences I would not have been hired at my current position.
Hakam Shawan, Jerusalem, Class of 2011: Truly the best investment I have ever done in my entire career. The program allows one to start practicing what is being presented in various classes. Today, I serve as a Staff Relations Advisor to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

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"My year in the program was pivotal. I cannot praise enough the quality and the added value of this program"