A New Home

Start-Up Nation Central’s newly-inaugurated state-of-the-art headquarters in the heart of Tel Aviv is designed to facilitate the implementation of its core mission – connecting Israel’s innovation ecosystem to the world

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SNC Headquarters
The first floor is a hybrid space with 3 meeting rooms, several open-plan work desks, a small lounge space in the middle, and a large classroomCredit: Amit Geron

The beautiful new building, located at 28 Lilienblum Street in Tel Aviv, just steps away from renowned Rothschild Blvd., is a six-story glass box that perfectly fits SNC’s growing needs. The non-profit is the sole occupant of the building, which has been nicknamed “L28” in honor of its address.

Designed with an intent to create a comfortable and practical space Credit: Amit Geron

The building will be SNC’s home as well as a home for the ecosystem. SNC staff, working out of the second and third floors, are the connecting tissue between the ecosystem on the ground floors and the delegations from abroad on the top floors. This is a unique set up: The building is designed to connect the world to Israeli startups and vice versa. The building's ground floor and basement are essentially public spaces - they were designed specifically to flow with the hustle and bustle of the city. 

“SNC Home” where top-level delegations from abroad are hostedCredit: Amit Geron
The building is just steps away from the renowned Rothschild Blvd.Credit: Amit Geron

“SNC wanted a space that reflects its identity as a place that connects the Israeli innovation ecosystem to the world and where the world connects to the ecosystem,” said Etan Kimmel, CEO of Kimmel-Eshkolot Architects, who oversaw the renovation project. “We didn’t want the chaos that start-ups live in, so much as a calmer environment that suits SNC’s higher mission.”

The J.R.R. Tolkien boardroomCredit: Amit Geron

SNC’s goal is to build a complete experience, at a very high level of professionalism, for top-level delegations, including state-level officials and leaders from companies around the world who come to Israel seeking innovation. The building has been designed to help SNC create a powerful experience for them, and the innovation companies they meet.

SNC has invested in durability Credit: Amit Geron

The three lower floors – almost half the entire building – form a new hub in the heart of Tel Aviv that's buzzing with activity the whole day and into the night, all week, every month of the year. There are going to be hundreds of people here every day, and this is going to continue into the future. SNC’s new home is thus durable by design, meant to host every day in a comfortable and professional setting.

The three lower floors form a new hub in the heart of Tel AvivCredit: Amit Geron

SNC has invested in durability, and also in making the venue very comfortable for meetups, meetings, classes and many other activities. This is important for the local ecosystem because L28 is an event and workspace that everyone will have access to, a practical and comfortable place for the ecosystem to gather, work and engage with multinationals, communities and mentors.

The building is located at 28 Lilienblum Street in Tel AvivCredit: Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

A trendy chef restaurant is opening on the ground floor, open to the public.

The restaurant is intended as a "culinary start-up" operated by the Yarzin-Sela group ("Cafe Italia", “Magazzino” “Taqueria”), and will open on the ground floor under the name "L28" (SNC’s street address). The restaurant will breathe life into the building, which neighbors the recently shuttered “Nanuchka” restaurant.

The planned restaurant concept is far from ordinary. Yuval Sela, of Yarzin-Sela, says, “it will be a platform for young chefs who haven’t yet managed a restaurant. Every six months a different young chef will be chosen to express his/her culinary concept. Just like Israel has many startups, there’s a lot of culinary talent bubbling up in Israel.”

The restaurant will include a gallery floor with a room reserved for private events. Vegetation grown in an "urban farm" on the roof of the building will serve the kitchen, as well as adding ecological value to the entire project.

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