'Start-Up Nation Finder' makes innovation discovery easy

With Start-Up Nation Central’s ‘Finder’ – a totally free, comprehensive online platform dedicated to Israeli tech, investors and hubs – navigating the country’s ever-evolving innovation ecosystem is easy

Guy Hilton
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Guy Hilton
Guy Hilton, General Manager, Start-Up Nation CentralCredit: SNC
Guy Hilton
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Start-Up Nation Finder is the world’s most authoritative, most comprehensive, up-to-date, and free-to-use online platform dedicated entirely to Israeli tech. It’s a place where you can find thousands of companies mapped, tagged and sorted into sectors and sub-sectors. You can also find their business models, growth stages, headcount and product stages.

Much like the ecosystem it is mapping, it has a lively mix of companies, investors, governments, hubs, accelerators and academic institutions – all there for the millions of people around the world to explore and use to find start-ups and partners, learn about the ecosystem, find out which verticals are hot and which are not.

See a company you find interesting? An investor you’d like to approach? Maybe even an academic technology transfer office you’d like to contact to discuss licensing a commercial patent? Join the many who are using it to contact the companies themselves through an easy to use introduction function. This is an online business development tool free of charge at your service.

Gee, Guy (you might say), this sounds great but how is Finder different from other ecosystem data providers? Why is Finder important? What value does it bring to the ecosystem itself, and to the wider world? And if it is of value to Israeli tech and anyone who is interested in it, can Finder be replicated for other countries, cities and territories? Can others build their own Finders?

Let’s start with how Finder is unique. Finder is the digital manifestation of Start-Up Nation Central’s identity: We are an independent, unconflicted partner and trusted advisor. As a public benefit non-profit, SNC has no financial agenda; we don’t charge for our services, and we don’t promote any portfolio. In fact, the entire Israeli ecosystem is our portfolio, and we support it where support is needed and where we feel we can be of value. We mapped the entire ecosystem by canvassing accelerators and incubators, going to events, speaking to investors, academics, lawyers, accountants, bankers and anyone else who works with start-ups. We still do. Our researchers review more than 1,000 companies a month for accuracy of information, verifying everything they can about a company before updating its profile.

We’re learning more about our ecosystem as we go along – it’s an innovation discovery platform for us just as much as it is for our users. And here’s where the story gets potentially more interesting: While no two ecosystems are identical, Start-Up Nation Finder is a pretty good blueprint for other places in the world – especially nascent innovation hubs – to start mapping their ecosystems and making sense of what they have, what they’re good at, and where they need help to grow. This is why Start-Up Nation Central is taking Finder to the world. In the coming months we’ll announce a slew of countries and territories that we’re helping to establish their own innovation discovery platforms – in some pretty surprising places.

And all this data that is gathered within Start-Up Nation Finder goes a long way into supporting our mission and vision. With a coherent understanding of the ecosystem and its needs, we can focus on creating significant impact where impact is most needed. We know, for instance, that Israeli digital health start-ups, now numbering around 500 or so, are doing great things in AI, remote consultation and medical devices, but they’re also struggling to find effective market entry strategies for the US healthcare market. When we realized this, we built them a toolbox of how to do business with US hospitals, healthcare providers, clinics, and even the administration. But we wouldn’t have known this had we not been watching the space.

We also use this data to reach and produce an almost real-time view of the Israeli tech ecosystem – which sectors are up, which are down, which are emerging; where is the money going, where is the money not going anymore? It’s how we know, for instance, that one in three newly established Israeli cybersecurity start-ups is in the Internet of Things space – meaning the most impactful and successful sector of Israeli high-tech is branching out into securing the billions of Internet-connected devices that increasingly power our cities, our workplaces, our homes, our cars, and even our very own bodies.

As Israel’s tech ecosystem evolves and develops, so does our mission statement and vision, and wherever this exciting journey leads us to, Start-Up Nation Finder will be there to open this amazing tech scene to the world.


Guy Hilton is the General Manager of Start-Up Nation Central. guy.hilton@sncentral.org

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