1912 | Technion

The first cornerstone of the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology was laid in Haifa. Two new Technion campuses were recently inaugurated: in New York and in China.

1921 | Volcani Institute

The Volcani Institute is established, becoming an incubator for Israel’s agritech ecosystem.

1925 | Hebrew University

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is inaugurated. Over 100 start-ups are associated with The Hebrew University.

1933 | IMI Systems

Israel Military Industries (today IMI Systems) is founded, manufacturing the Uzi, Galil, Negev, Tavor and other weapons.

1934 | Weizmann Institute of Science

The Weizmann Institute of Science (formerly the Daniel Sieff Research Center) is established in Rehovot.

1948 | Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

The Science Corps (now called Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.) was founded as the national R&D lab for developing military technology, including the Iron Dome missile defense system.

1950 | IBM

IBM Israel becomes the first official foreign tech company operating in Israel.

1953 | IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries is founded. IAI has developed numerous civilian and military aircraft.

1955 | WEIZAC

The first computer is set up in Israel at The Weizmann Institute of Science, called WEIZAC

1963 | Hebrew University

A team from The Hebrew University makes breakthrough discoveries about the medical qualities of cannabis, enabling Israel to become a pioneer in medical marijuana.

1964 | Motorola

Motorola opens an R&D center in Israel, marking the first such center to be opened in the country by a multinational corporation.

1965 | Ormat Technologies

Ormat Technologies is established in Yavne, becoming a world leader in alternative energy production.

1965 | Netafim

The agritech company Netafim is founded, later developing the first high-quality drip irrigation equipment, sold in over 100 countries.

1966 | Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems is founded, and becomes a leader in aerospace, land and naval systems, intelligence surveillance, unmanned aircraft systems and advanced electro-optics.

1969 | Israel Innovation Authority

The Office of the Chief Scientist (now the Israel Innovation Authority) is formed and tasked with fostering industrial R&D in Israel.

1969 | Elscint

Elscint is founded, excelling in nuclear medicine, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray scanners.

1974 | Intel

1974 Intel opens an R&D center in Haifa. Intel has become the largest tech employer in Israel with over 10,000 employees.

1984 | The R&D Law

Law for the Encouragement of Industrial Research and Development (The R&D Law) is passed.

1986 | Applied Materials

Applied Materials opens in Israel and later acquires Opal Technologies, Orbot Instruments and Oramir Semiconductor Equipment Ltd.

1987 | IAI

IAI develops the Lavi fighter jet. The project was later abandoned, and its 5,000 scientists and engineers went on to contribute greatly to Israel's high-tech boom.

1989 | M-Systems

Dov Moran establishes M-Systems, best known for developing the first USB flash drive, DiskOnKey. In 2006, the company was acquired by SanDisk.

1990 | Fall of the Iron Curtain

A huge influx of highly educated immigrants from the former Soviet Union sparks an impressive expansion of the country’s high-tech industry, leading to rapid GDP growth.

1993 | Yozma

The Israeli government launches the Yozma (Initiative) program that offers incentives to foreign venture-capital funds setting up shop in Israel.

1993 | Checkpoint

Checkpoint is established, developing the world’s first commercial firewall and VPN.

1996 | Mirabilis

Mirabilis is founded and develops the ICQ instant messaging application. ICQ was purchased by AOL for $407M in 1998.

2007 | Shai Agassi

Better Place, a venture-backed company that developed battery-charging services for electric cars, is founded by Shai Agassi. It later filed for bankruptcy.

2008 | Global Crisis

The global financial crisis causes a number of Israeli start-ups to go out of business while even more are picked up in increased M&A activity.

2011 | Alternative Fuels Administration

Israel’s Alternative Fuels Administration is created, tasked with reducing the country’s oil consumption.

2011 | National Cyber Bureau

Israel’s National Cyber Bureau is established in order to advance Israeli innovation in the cyber field.

2012 | Face.com

Facebook buys Israel’s Face.com, a platform for efficient and accurate facial recognition.

2013 | Waze

Google buys Waze, the popular crowdsourced navigation app, for more than $1 billion.

2013 | PrimeSense

Apple acquires PrimeSense, an Israeli 3D sensing company.

2014 | Onavo

Facebook acquires Israeli mobile analytics and data compression start-up Onavo.

2016 | Playtika

A Chinese consortium linked to Alibaba founder Jack Ma buys the Israeli online gaming company Playtika for $4.4 billion in cash.

2017 | Mobileye

Intel acquires Mobileye for $15.3 billion, the largest exit in Israeli business history.

2017 | Amazon

Amazon announces plans to hire 100 Israeli engineers and experts to boost Alexa.