Everyone Loves Tel Aviv

Exciting urban views, breathtaking seashore, some unforgettable dining experiences and never-ending energy. You never really get to experience Tel Aviv until you live in it

Everyone Loves Tel Aviv

On the one hand, it is the “non-stop city” blessed with an exhilarating urban atmosphere; on the other hand, it has the longest seashore in Israel with many beautiful and relaxing beaches. Tel Aviv combines the appeal of a large, bustling metropolis with the feeling of a small beach town. That is one of the many reasons why everyone loves Tel Aviv.

People also love Tel Aviv because of its energy. The city is often compared to New York thanks to its exciting vibe and the fact that there is always so much going on and so much to do. Culture buffs can spend their days at the numerous museums, galleries, theaters, concerts and myriad world-class events. Foodies are in heaven: Tel Aviv is famous for its huge selection of superb restaurants offering a wide variety of different cuisines and unforgettable dining experiences. The city’s nightlife is ample; there are bars, clubs and other venues catering to every possible taste and age group. And, like other major cities around the world, there are always special festivals and events that add to the “non-stop” atmosphere.

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People also love Tel Aviv because of its diverse population. Hordes of hip young men and women seem to be constantly eating and drinking at all the trendy cafes and bars, and zipping around on communal motorized scooters. But there are also plenty of old-timers who enjoy the wealth of cultural events and would never dream of living anywhere else. In fact, Tel Aviv is home to people of all beliefs and backgrounds, and everyone feels welcome. In normal times, when there is no pandemic, the streets of Tel Aviv are packed with tourists from all over the world, in addition to the many foreigners who have made the city their home.

the longest seashore in Israel
the longest seashore in Israel Gindi

Shopping enthusiasts love Tel Aviv because of the plethora of opportunities. The city is full of trendy boutiques, malls offering international and Israeli fashion, and stores selling everything one could possibly imagine. There are also amazing outdoor and indoor markets that attract shoppers from all over Israel, such as the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv Port Market, Sarona Market, Flea Market and others.

And then there are people who love Tel Aviv because of its different neighborhoods. Each district has its own unique charm and special attractions, and one never tires of exploring the different parts of the city. Those who are lucky enough to live in Gindi TLV benefit from the best of all worlds: one of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods is literally at their doorstep, while inside the complex it feels like a village with all the facilities one would expect in an upscale private community. Gindi TLV residents enjoy having many of Tel Aviv’s favorite attractions in walking distance, including Rothschild Blvd., Habima Theater, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Sarona and Dizengoff. Other popular destinations can easily be reached by bicycle, scooter, public transportation or short taxi ride.

Tel Aviv is in the midst of a large-scale facelift, and areas that have not yet been renovated are in the process of being upgraded and embellished. The light rail project is a huge undertaking that will revolutionize mass transit within the city and will have a significant impact on the quality of life of its residents. The Red Line is slated to be completed in 2022 and will include a stop on Carlebach St. near the Gindi TLV complex.

No matter what it is you especially love about Tel Aviv as a visitor, you will surely discover many more reasons to love it once you actually live in this amazing city.

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