A Seaside Luxury Oasis Near Metropolitan Tel Aviv

Want to live on top of the world? Hi Yam Tower’s 33 floors of premier real estate provide breathtaking views of the sea and local greenery from every apartment, without venturing far from the local bustling metropolis - a win-win for all!

By Talia Klein Perez, partnered with Hi Yam
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Clear blue sea, lush green grass, and luxury living accommodations
By Talia Klein Perez, partnered with Hi Yam
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Clear blue sea, lush green grass, and… luxury living accommodations? It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Hi Yam Tower, a BZ Group project built by Tidhar and ready for occupancy (the few apartments that have yet to be snatched up) brings the best of all worlds, for sublime, luxury living. Located a mere 400 meters from the beach, in Bat Yam’s new Sea Park neighborhood, Hi Yam is just a few minutes from Tel-Aviv, Israel’s bustling business and social epicenter. At the same time, there’s something so intrinsically relaxing about the vicinity; it’s clear why those who choose Hi Yam feel as though they’re living on top of the world.

Penthouses with spacious balconies overlooking the sea

Prime location, at an affordable price

With Israel’s high cost of living soaring even higher over the past two years, many people who’d love to live in the country’s center have frustratingly turned to more peripheral communities. Hi Yam tower balances this need, by providing a selection of sprawling garden apartments, penthouses with spacious balconies overlooking the sea, and magnificent duplexes, all of which can be customized to each resident’s personal style and needs. The project’s location in Tel Aviv-adjacent Bat Yam, enables close proximity to the greater metropolitan area at a more affordable price tag, making the remaining available apartments - all with a sea view - a savvy investment.

A coastline nature reserve in the heart of the city!

In close proximity to main modes of transportation - buses, taxis, and highways - including the new metro which will be a short, 5-minute walk from the building once its construction is complete, the tower is aptly stationed for exceptional accessibility to offices, stores, and other daily jaunts. Residents can live in serene surroundings, yet make their way to work or leisure activities in record time, enhancing their work-life balance and overall quality of life.

Luxurious apartments and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea

Yet, perhaps the most enticing aspect of living in Hi Yam Tower is the building’s immediate surroundings. Opening one’s front door is akin to stepping into a stunning, natural oasis. Just 400 meters from the sea, Hi Yam is surrounded by the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. Walking to the beach through parks and a nature reserve becomes second nature, as is the luxe, resort feel of being enveloped in boutique hotels, restaurants, and stores that preclude the need to step outside of the neighborhood unless residents so desire.

Premier features & amenities, with a personal touch

All 33 floors of this prestigious tower combine the highest construction standards with rich and luxurious apartments and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea. The project’s 141 units were meticulously designed and built according to the highest standards and with attention to the smallest details. The building houses an expansive lobby, four passenger elevators, a residents’ lounge, a gym, dedicated rooms for mail, strollers, and bicycles, and private parking and storage spaces.

Constructed to meet prevalent demands for green living

Constructed to meet prevalent demands for green living, the project includes an advanced trash collection and will soon feature shared green spaces. However, it’s the customer-centric approach that truly sweetens the deal. The family business behind Hi Yam prides itself on treating customers like family members, providing ample support from first inquiry and through to occupancy.

Last chance to own a little piece of seaside heaven, in Hi Yam

When it comes to investing in Israeli real estate, the options are many. Not so plentiful are real estate options that meet every single item on your checklist: location, amenities, affordability, and availability. Demand for Hi Yam apartments is at an all-time high, and very few remain available for purchasing. The decision to invest in Hi Yam - whether for your own day-to-day living, as a vacation home, or as an investment rental property - is simple.

The highest construction standards with rich and luxurious apartments

Act fast, before the last luxury apartments in a leading location, surrounded by all of nature’s glory, are snapped up.

For more information on Hi Yam Tower and to purchase your little piece of heaven by the Israeli seaside, visit the website

Partnered with Hi Yam