Join an Exclusive Purchasing Group for a Luxury Residential Project in the Heart of Tel Aviv

If you are searching for an exclusive property in Tel Aviv’s most desirable location, we invite you to join a new purchasing group that is building an uncompromisingly luxurious residential project, consisting of fifteen exquisite apartments at 80 Rothschild Boulevard

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Looking for an Ultra Luxury Home in Tel Aviv? This Exclusive Project is for youCredit: PR
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Israel's real estate market is experiencing an awakening in its most prestigious sector: ultra-luxury apartments. This renaissance is being driven by an exclusive and limited audience looking to acquire beautiful and well-positioned homes in the heart of Tel Aviv. In addition to the best locations, residences in this category feature magnificent architecture and interior design as well as the highest quality finishing. Needless to say, they belong to the highest price range in the Israeli real estate market.

A small group of discerning buyers with deep pockets have formed a purchasing group to develop a unique real estate gem on Tel Aviv’s most prestigious street – Rothschild Blvd. This is one of the preferred locations in Israel for ultra-luxury homes. Beautiful Rothschild Blvd., whose trees were planted over 100 years ago, is constantly reinventing itself, and is the heart of Tel Aviv’s vibrant lifestyle and culture.

Rothschild is perfect for buyers looking for a permanent pied-a-terre in Tel AvivCredit: PR

Historic buildings along the boulevard have undergone restoration and are being transformed into boutique residences, offering luxurious homes to an elite clientele seeking a pied-a-terre in Tel Aviv. Living on Rothschild Blvd. means enjoying the multitude of trendy restaurants, cafes and galleries right at your doorstep, as well as the lovely tree-lined promenade along the length of the entire boulevard.

At the Heart of Tel Aviv

One of the most high-end properties currently available is the penthouse at 80 Rothschild, led by KSR Group and Wynn Group, an ultra-luxury project which is currently under construction. 80 Rothschild was designed by the elite firm of Bar Orian Architects and is comprised of fifteen urban residences, each individually designed at the highest standards. Nearly all the buyers are Israelis wishing to move to the heart of Tel Aviv and enjoy this exclusive opportunity.

The building rights were acquired through a purchasing group with the vision of crafting a unique project with the highest standards of design and planning. The members are curated in order to ensure harmony among the future neighbors.

The project’s flagship residence is on the top floor – an ultra-luxury one-of-a-kind penthouse looking out over Rothschild Blvd. and Tel Aviv's White City. At 210 sq.m., the penthouse spans the entire sixth floor, and also features a 113 sq.m. balcony with a private swimming pool that overlooks the lively boulevard, as well as a 28 sq.m. rear balcony. In addition, the penthouse boasts a fabulous rooftop spanning an additional 69 sq.m.

Its upper roof is 69 square meters of treelined fresh air Credit: PR

Amit Kazzaz, owner of Xenogamy, is one of the leaders of the purchasing group and has vest experience with several similar successful projects in the vicinity of Rothschild Blvd. “People usually associate purchasing groups with discounts and lower prices, but we are different. Over the years we have focused on building luxury residences for exclusive groups of buyers who shared the common interest of wanting a meticulously designed luxury residence that would accommodate their needs and suit their lifestyles. People joining our group can fulfill their dream of owning an apartment tailor-made to their wishes, in the best location, and at the highest possible quality. 80 Rothschild is an opportunity to enjoy these benefits,” he explains.

Avishay Naamat, CEO of Wynn Group Israel, which specializes in building luxury properties worldwide, including in the US, the Caribbean and most recently in Israel, says: “The Wynn Group focuses on locating and building boutique properties in exclusive locations in all areas where we are active, and sees great value in collaborating with local groups, such as our collaboration with Xenogamy from KSR on 80 Rothschild, which will lead to one of the most beautiful and unique residential buildings in Tel Aviv.”