Living the High Life with Highline Towers

When it comes to investing in a home in Israel, you can have it all. Located on the border of Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv, Highline Towers ideally integrates luxury residential living and easy access to vibrant city life

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Living the High Life, with Highline Towers
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Want to live the Tel Aviv life - but not at Tel Aviv prices? Highline Towers, an exclusive, luxury residential apartment complex located on the border of the pastoral suburb and metropolitan Tel Aviv, enables you to invest in the lifestyle you crave – at just half the cost of comparable projects in Tel Aviv proper.       

The ultimate location for a balanced lifestyle

When it comes to selecting the right real estate project for investment or living purposes, location is everything. A home’s immediate surroundings and proximity to highly-frequented destinations directly correlate with the property’s value - in coin and in quality of life.

luxury 3-5 room apartments and penthouses with large balconies

Just 700 meters from the heart of central Tel Aviv, a light rail track is being built, and near it on Matmid Street - Highline Towers, a premier apartment complex entrenched within the pastoral, residential Ramat Gan community, yet with clear, stunning views of the Israeli “City That Never Sleeps.” The towers are being built on the quieter side of one of the most popular locations in the Greater Tel Aviv area, yet are within walking distance of vibrant city life in Tel Aviv itself, while adjacent to Tzameret Park as well. And, once the light rail is complete and running from just a few steps away from the project’s front door, accessibility from Highline Towers to virtually any popular Tel Aviv attraction will be more seamless than ever. Residents will simply exit the buildings, travel two minutes by foot to the nearest train station, and take a short ride to the beach, the theater, or the office.

Spacious homes at a fraction of the price

A Red Sea Group development, Highline Towers presents a unique opportunity to own spacious, luxury 3-5 room apartments and penthouses with large balconies at roughly half the price of the average comparable apartment just over the road in Tel Aviv. All of the apartments are designed to highlight breathtaking views of Tel Aviv, and include high standards of technical specifications. As prices in the vicinity are expected to rise and the gap between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan apartment prices is likely to close within the next few years, buying one of the few available Highline apartments is certain to be an investment well-made. Your new home in Israel’s value will rise, as will your quality of life owning a spacious home in the heart of Israel’s business and leisure epicenter.

Just 700 meters from the heart of central Tel Aviv

A home on the border of Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv could be yours! Click here to contact the Red Sea Group about investing in your future, with an apartment in Highline Towers.

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