Real Estate in Tel Aviv: a Guide to Buying a Home in the White City

Finding real estate in Tel Aviv can be a daunting task. Here are some of the more prominent realtors and real estate agencies to help you find your next property in the city

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Anglo-Saxon Tel Aviv
Real Estate in Tel Aviv: a Guide to Buying a Home in the White CityCredit: Elad Gonen
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Anglo-Saxon is one of the oldest and best-known real estate agencies in Israel. The chain, founded in 1964, has acquired more than 50 years of experience in the field and is responsible for leading thousands of transactions and projects all over the country. The agency was awarded the title of the leading real estate chain in Israel by the global organization Superbrands for seven years running – and we’re still going strong.

Over the years Anglo-Saxon has positioned itself as the foremost chain that advances the real estate sector. The agency represents and markets all types of properties (residential and commercial) and offers a wide package of services to provide our customers with a one-stop shop in everything related to the real estate sector, professional agents who specialize in specific areas, along with a high level of service awareness that prioritizes the customer.

One of the chain’s top divisions is in Tel Aviv, with five prominent branches from the north to the south of the city.

“We cover many fields of activity, but whatever field we work in, the role we have defined for ourselves is first of all to help guide the customer towards realizing their dream,” says Roi Haroosh, joint owner and concessionaire of Anglo-Saxon Tel Aviv and manager of the residential division. “Real estate is an area involving a great deal of information and legislation, and sometimes a customer comes to us who feels overwhelmed and lost from the sheer amount of information they receive from every direction. This might be someone who is carrying out their first real estate transaction, but it can also be an experienced investor who is having difficulty following the frequent shifts and changing legislation that is so typical of this sector. Our role is to ensure that the customer receives all the essential information in order to be able to make an informed decision. We listen, advise, coordinate and supply all the services that the customer needs to finalize a successful deal.”

Roi HarooshCredit: Metlinskii Oleg

A real estate one-stop shop

Usually when we think of a real estate agency, we think of an office that specializes in one specific field. This could be selling or renting out second-hand properties, marketing first-hand projects, specializing in commercial properties or something else.

What sets Anglo-Saxon Tel Aviv apart is the fact that it is able to supply a holistic package of services for everything related to the world of real estate, from accompanying customers in transactions involving the sale, purchase or lease of residential properties, through directing transactions involving commercial properties such as offices, shops, commercial centers, logistics centers (a growing field due to the flourishing deliveries industry), purchasing income-yielding commercial properties or selling plots for building, to branding and marketing brand-new building projects.

In 2016 Anglo-Saxon Tel Aviv won a Ministry of Construction and Housing tender for the purchase of apartments for public housing. This venture involved acquiring hundreds of apartments over the years in all parts of Israel. “We see this as a social mission and a wonderful opportunity to help underprivileged populations find housing solutions,” says Kfir Zohar, joint owner and concessionaire of Anglo-Saxon Tel Aviv who manages the project.

A big expert in a small field

To become professional, it is necessary to specialize. This approach has guided the work of the chain's real estate consultants, who divide their work according to defined geographical areas in Tel Aviv, and according to specific fields of specialization. Each consultant from among the agency’s 50 agents working in Tel Aviv specializes in a unique and precise field.

The idea behind this work approach is that it is preferable to learn the field of activity in depth, to get to know every street and every building and to be real experts who are familiar with the value of the properties in the area and all the transactions in the market, rather than to allow each consultant to spread out over a wide area and offer a general range of services without knowing the particular ins and outs of the transaction that they are handling, and without being able to meet the real needs of their customers.

Thanks to this approach, the chain and its branches in Tel Aviv successfully handle hundreds of transactions each year, provide exceptional service for customers, and even enjoy returning customers who come back to receive the same services they received 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

Planning to sell a property? Looking for a private or commercial property as an investment? At Anglo-Saxon Tel Aviv you will receive professional service, you will work with experts in their field and enjoy full guidance and support throughout all stages of the process – from making initial contact until signing a successful real estate deal.

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