Gindi Holdings’ The Upper House Project - Luxury Towers in Tel Aviv’s Most Up-and-coming Location

The time to invest in your future is now, and Gindi Holdings’ The Upper House Project in Tel Aviv’s Yad Eliyahu neighborhood is where your holdings will generate the best, most holistic returns

Gindi Holdings’ The Upper House Project - Luxury Towers in Tel Aviv’s Most Up-and-coming Location

Leading Israeli real estate company Gindi Holdings prides itself on its reputation as a reliable, professional, and quality partner in successful real estate investments. With over 57,655 tenants, 213 towers and buildings, and 11,531 apartments in 49 residential complexes spread

over 24 cities, the Gindi name is synonymous with prestige and luxury. And located in the new center of Tel Aviv, Gindi’s latest project, The Upper House, is an unprecedented investment opportunity for real estate seekers looking to meld vibrant city life with exquisite quality and charm.

Stunning views from top-of-the-line apartments

The Upper House complex is being built over 9,000 square meters. It comprises two luxury towers, each 30-stories high and housing 2-4 room apartments and 4-5 room penthouses designed to the highest standards by none other than architect Kika Baraz. Open seascapes are visible from many a unit, and the buildings’ spacious lobbies and convenient underground parking lots enable easy access to the best of what the neighborhood in the midst of a revival has to offer: excellent educational institutions, top-notch shopping and leisure centers, lush, green parks, and convenient public transportation.

Stunning views from top-of-the-line apartments
Stunning views from top-of-the-line apartmentsViewpoint

Friendly financing for buyers

The Upper House is currently offered at a price worth roughly 30 percent lower than comparable apartments in the city. In addition, Gindi Holdings offers attractive and comfortable financing options, enabling buyers to purchase a new and exquisitely designed apartment and make a solid investment in Tel Aviv real estate (to call home, or as a rental property), at a price Tel Aviv has never seen before. As construction continues to soar in Tel Aviv in general and the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood in particular, the time to invest in a luxurious apartment surrounded by a warm, inviting urban community is now, with The Upper House.

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