The World Zionist Organization recently inaugurated a personal Memorial Board on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, providing a unique opportunity for people to commemorate their loved ones

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The new Memorial Board on Mount Herzl

In the heart of Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, alongside the graves of the nation’s founding fathers and heroes – including that of Theodor Herzl, the Visionary of Zionism – lies the Herzl Museum. This lovely gem of a museum was founded by the World Zionist Organization in 2005, a century after Theodor Herzl’s death, in order to relate his legacy, personal story, great vision and worldviews to future generations. The Herzl Museum has quickly become a popular destination for tourists and a “must see” stop for all visitors to Israel’s capital.

Memorial plaques

This year, a unique Memorial Board was inaugurated next to the Herzl Museum, providing an opportunity for people to commemorate their personal heroes: those who are nearest and dearest to their hearts. By commemorating loved ones on the new Memorial Board, visitors to Mount Herzl connect their own personal memories to the national memory. It is a poignant way to commemorate loved ones for generations to come – linking their personal heritage with that of Herzl and the Zionist vision.

This year marks the 120th. anniversary of Theodor Herzl’s first visit to Jerusalem. This is a good opportunity to mark this historic visit by commemorating departed friends and family members on the new Memorial Board. Space on the Memorial Board is limited and memorial plaques will be affixed on the board on a first come, first served basis. 

Communicating Herzl’s vision

Visitors to the Herzl Museum embark on an hour-long audiovisual journey into Herzl’s doubts, obstacles and successes and the ideas at the base of his vision. The tour is offered in a range of languages, including Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German and Amharic.

In addition to guided tours through the Herzl Museum, the Zionist Educational Center also offers tours to the Leader’s Plot of the National Cemetery, the Military Cemetery, and other national sites on Mt. Herzl.

As part of the expansion, a Board of Governors for the Herzl Museum was recently founded under the leadership of Dr. Nissim Levy. Dr. Levy has enlisted a number of philanthropists to serve on the Board of Governors and assist him in raising funds for the activities of the Herzl Museum and educational center.

Herzl’s ideas and the theory underlying the Zionist Movement have had an impact on all of us and have made their mark on the path of our history. Zionism does not belong to the past, but is the living, breathing movement which is relevant for today.

The Museum seeks to communicate Herzl’s Zionist vision especially among the younger generation, in order to ensure a Jewish future with values, vision and imagination.

For information about commemorating loved ones on The Mount Herzl Memorial Board please contact:

Israel:, +972-2-6202443,

USA:, +1-212-3186100 Ext. 6947,