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David Hermann
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A new intranet for Jewish Federation professionals and volunteer leaders, launching in December, will debut at this years General Assembly. The system aims to help Federation leaders collaborate, share best practices, and establish a comprehensive virtual library of the best work and ideas of the Federation system.

Sharing resources

The new FedCentral is powered by FedWeb, a proprietary Internet platform that currently supports 90 Federation websites. While The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) will provide access to national resources, FedCentral users will provide the bulk of the content, uploading and tagging files they want to share with their colleagues. The new digital resource will thus be constantly updated.

Users logging into the system will see a home page that displays the newest and most popular resources that match their preferences, discussions on topics theyve indicated they are interested in, and tools that enable them to search for materials, ideas and expertise.

A collaborative system

The new FedCentral is focused on facilitating collaboration among Jewish Federations. Users searching for resources can find them by using the powerful search tool, searching through the resources in the robust knowledgebase, looking through the user directory for experts in that area, or asking a question in the sites new discussion forum. When users add resources to the site, an automatic notification will let their colleagues know.

In addition to real-time resource sharing, FedCentrals discussion platform will enable different groups to come together and discuss topics that interest them. Users can search existing conversations and create new groups and new discussion threads. This discussion forum, fully integrated into FedCentral, will act as a relationship builder for people with mutual interests, ideas and goals.

When users register for FedCentral, they create a profile that lists their interests and areas of expertise. A directory of all registered users enables anyone to identify people who share their interests or possess expertise they need. For example, an endowment director from El Paso who happens to know about web development might be contacted by a web designer in Boca Raton. A user who checked millennial engagement might be invited to dialogue about programming for this cohort. Like social networks, FedCentral also will suggest people to connect with based on their interests and expertise.

We are thrilled to present Federations with the new FedCentral, says JFNA CEO and President Jerry Silverman. There is such a need for Federations to interact more and share information, and this new system fills that need. Its the Wikipedia of Jewish knowledge that will build and inform our movement for years to come.

Positive reactions

Leaders of local Federations have been longing for a more efficient way to interact and share information with peers across North America. As an intermediate Federation, we dont have marketing resources like larger communities, explains Naomi Limor Sedek, the campaign and missions director for the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. FedCentral gives us access to stories and videos we cant afford to produce ourselves. If I need a story for an article or a video for an e-mail, I want to be able to find it quickly. It needs to be easy.

For Andrew Rose, the chief creative officer at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, the new FedCentral is an excellent tool from a marketing standpoint. Not only does it let us share what were doing on a local level, but it helps us also reach beyond our community, to Israel and overseas. With all these resources made available to us, we will be able to see the big picture on issues such as Holocaust survivors or poverty in Israel. We can also develop a better understanding of Jewish givers and prospective donors.

Attendees at the General Assembly can test drive the new FedCentral during the conference in the exhibit hall. Prior to the sites December launch, JFNA will offer a variety of training resources to help users get registered and learn how to use the wealth of tools the new site offers.