Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has become the catalyst for the development of Israels desert region – investing in the human potential while building for the future

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  • Intensive Hebrew Language Ulpan
  • Intensive Spoken Arabic Ulpan
  • German Summer University
  • Semester/Year Programs (OSP): Global Health, Sustainable Development, Israel Internship program

Undergraduate programs

Ben-Gurion University attracts top students from all over the country
  • BA in Literature and Linguistics

Graduate Programs

An Engineering student at Ben-Gurion University
  • MSc in Information Systems Engineering with focus on Data Mining & Business Intelligence (BI)
  • The Medical School for International Health in collaboration with  Columbia University Medical Center
  • MSc/MA/PhD Program in Desert Studies: Agriculture and Biotechnology for Sustainable Development, Ecology of Drylands, Solar Energy and Environmental Physics, Irrigation and Plant Environmental and Aquatic Microbiology, Environmental Studies
  • MSc in Hydrology & Water Quality: Water Resources, Desalination and Water Treatment, Microbiology and Water Quality
  • MSc/PhD in Mathematics
  • PhD in Computer Sciences
  • MSc/PhD in Physics
  • MSc/PhD in Chemistry
  • MSc/PhD in Life Sciences
  • MSc/PhD in Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • MA in Israel Studies
  • MA in Linguistics
  • MA in Literature

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