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The World Zionist Organization is dedicated to engaging Jews everywhere in translating the principles of The Jerusalem Program, the official manifesto of the Zionist movement, into action. It does this through a broad range of initiatives aimed at affirming the centrality of Israel to the Jewish experience

David Breakstone
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So how was it? I asked my niece upon picking her up at the end of her Birthright trip. Really fun, she said. With a 45-minute car ride ahead of us, I wasnt prepared to leave it at that, and continued to probe. She pulled out her itinerary and began telling me about all the places shed been to and the things shed done. And how does all this leave you feeling? I asked. Well, I do have one question, Uncle David, she ventured. I still dont really get why we need a Jewish state, especially with all the problems it causes.

An interactive touch-screen at the Herzl Center in Jerusalem

Dr. Breakstone is the vice chairman of the World Zionist Organization.

A pro-Israel demonstration

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