Ra'anana Real Estate - Buying Property in One of Israel's Greenest Cities Has Never Looked More Promising

Founded as an agricultural settlement  the early 1920s, Ra'anana is a city in the green Sharon area of Israel, that has persistently grown in popularity among Jews from around the world since its inception.

Ra'anana Real Estate - Buying property in one of Israel's greenest cities has never looked more promising
Ra'anana Real Estate - Buying property in one of Israel's greenest citiesDreamstime

Originally founded by a group of New Yorkers, the city is well-planned and has continually earned its reputation for being a pleasant urban setting with modern municipal leadership that cares for its residents. The city's population continues to grow, as does its size and its offering of Ra'anana real estate to families and professionals that work in and around the city.

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 So, what does Ra'anana Real Estate have to offer? Ra'anana's real estate arena is diverse and buyers are increasingly attracted to the many lucrative options the city continues to roll out. Known for its top-notch schools and widespread public support of sports related activities, Ra'anana real estate is a natural fit for families with children.

The city's large foreign population makes it a prime location for people of all ages and nationalities to make Aliyah in a supportive environment that is maintained by like-minded people. That said, there are areas that have taken on their own distinct character and walking through the city's streets, it seems that the Ra'anana real estate market has both adhered and embraced this natural evolution.

Ra'anana real estate ranges from new apartment complexes in the city's many emerging neighborhoods, to older and renovated apartments and houses in its more established ones.

The large high-tech infused industrial area that also houses a large shopping mall and numerous kiddy attractions makes Ra'anana a great place to live and work close to home. The fact that the city continues to build up its office complexes and commercial facilities in these areas, has also added a burgeoning sector of commercial real estate to the already growing Ra'anana real estate arena.

Ra'anana real estate can also be found adjacent to the city's large and beautiful park that sits at the city's outskirts on the border of the city of Herzliya. Living and working in an urban area that is surrounded and enriched by green fields and a great park can make all the difference to people searching for that perfect work-life balance.