The Real Estate Jewish Business Matchmaking Conference in Session

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Eran Rolls, chairman of the Israeli Building Center was exited to open yesterday the first conference in the history of the real estate sector aimed to connect between Jewish real estate developers and businessmen in New York and Israeli entrepreneurs.

Over 200 Jewish entrepreneurs from New York came to meet 100 entrepreneurs Israeli to explore opportunities for cooperation.

The conference was held at the Dream Downtown Manhattan, and was attended by Jewish-Israeli real estate businessmen and community leaders in New York, which are responsible for a considerable part of the total real estate development in the city.

During the conference, the participants will go on tours to the most interesting projects built in recent years in New York, such as the World Trade Center towers, upscale residential 57th Street, Tribeca compound, and a tour of urban renewal projects in Harlem and Brooklyn.

Rolls, said that "we have decided to adopt the new strategy of the major American Jewish organizations, which advocates that the connection of the current generation of Jewish businessmen would be through investments, business ventures, and not only on the basis of donations and charities".

Rolls also said, "This move will generate investments in Israel, and I believe that in a few years a significant part of Israeli real estate companies will be owned by American families. For example - Eduardo Elstein, Hershey Friedman, Chaim Katzman, Nakash family, Mark Wiseman who collaborated with Gil Geva and Arye Bachar. These are just the tip of the iceberg top".

According to Rolls, the real estate industry today is suffering a credit crunch. Developers and contractors complain that the banks have reached their credit limit and they find it difficult to finance major projects. Networking with real estate developers in New York, can be a good solution for both sides".

Israeli Building Center initiated this conference in order to lead the revolution globalization of the real estate industry in Israel. Like the high-tech sector, real estate sector grown from a local business a global business, with entrepreneurial companies, architects, engineers, finance and banking executives and lawyers now conducting a real international activity.