A Guide to Israeli Apartments

Confused about the different types of apartments in the Holy Land? Here is everything you need to know about local terminology before you start looking for the perfect place.

Foreign residents interested in investing in a new residential property in Israel are generally not looking for a standard four or five-room apartment. With this in mind, Israeli architects have created a variety of more exclusive apartments in recent years to appeal to these clients. With the help of experts from the Eldar Group, we have prepared a guide to the various types of apartments offered today in Israel.

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A duplex is an expansive apartment occupying two levels. The main entrance is from the lower level, which usually contains most of the public areas (living room, dining room, kitchen, and balcony). The second floor consists of the bedrooms and other private areas. Nadlan-Nadlan Real Estate Ltd. is offering duplex apartments at its Givati Tower project, a complex that combines apartments with 2,000 square meters of commercial real estate at the most central location in Rishon Lezion. The last duplex remaining in the complex consists of six rooms spread over an area of 140 sq.m. and includes a 19 sq.m. balcony on the first floor. Its price begins at 2.55 million shekels.

Reverse Duplex

A reverse duplex is a unique kind of duplex apartment where the entrance is on the units upper level. The Givat Alonim project being developed by Sharbiv Ltd. in Kiryat Atta offers several reverse duplex apartments on the upper two floors of the buildings. The entrances to these apartments are on the sixth and top floor of the building, and the entrance level contains the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The bedrooms are on the lower level, which is the buildings fifth floor. Each duplex consists of five rooms and a family area spread over 152 sq.m., in addition to a 50 sq.m. balcony. Prices begin at 1.75 million shekels.

Garden Apartments

Garden apartments are located on the ground level of multi-story dwellings. These come with a private garden or yard attached to the apartment. Projects that are more exclusive give the option of an outdoor pool and, in some cases, the option for a private entrance to the apartments. The key advantage of a garden apartment is that it offers the sense of living in a private house within an apartment building.

The Izhaki Groups Tzamarot Hasharon project under construction in Kfar Yona is currently offering five-room garden apartments beginning at 1.73 million shekels. Each garden apartment in the project has a 106 to 130 sq.m. garden or yard attached to a 122 sq.m. five-room apartment. In addition, each apartment has its own 20 sq.m. balcony.


Loft apartments became popular in New York, where many buildings that had once been factories and warehouses have been transformed into residences. Their unique characteristics include open floor plans and high ceilings. This modernistic mode of living has been embraced in Israel, albeit with a few changes, in that the public areas retain their high ceilings and open spaces, while the bedrooms and private areas resemble regular apartments.

An example of such apartments can be found in the Tzameret Avisror project in Yavneh Hayerukah, where five-room loft apartments on the 21st and 22nd floor are spread out over 140 sq.m. Each apartment also has a 58 sq.m. balcony.

Adjoining Apartments

Attached apartments are broad, expansive, premium apartments that occupy the space of two standard residential units. Most foreign residents seeking to purchase an apartment in Israel are interested in larger apartments than the local norm. Developers who are aware of this trend now offer adjoining apartments to meet this need.

For instance, Dizengoff Trading Ltd., which is building the Lagoon Complex on Netanyas shoreline, is offering premium, roomy apartments that occupy the space of two standard units. The combined area is sold as a single 302 sq.m. residential unit with a 65 sq.m. balcony.

Duplex Lofts

Duplex lofts have the usual characteristics of loft apartments, with open floor plans, no partitions and extremely high ceilings. In addition, the apartments have two floors. The Green Park complex in the Neve Sharett neighborhood of Tel Aviv offers a selection of duplex lofts.

Developers Metropolis, Electra Investments, and SGS have joined with the prestigious furniture and interior design concern Kastiel to create a new concept – Kastiel Skyline. This is an exclusive designer collection of Kastiel apartments in the Green Park complex. Among these are several huge duplex lofts, each with an area of 230 sq.m. and a 200 sq.m. balcony. Prices start at 6.6 million shekels.


A mini-penthouse is a larger apartment than others in the building and it has a large balcony. Mini-penthouses are usually located just below top floor, under the penthouses.

Yanuv Construction and Development Ltd. is collaborating with AMY Yekutiel Real Estate to build the Hadar Towers complex in Hod Hasharon. The project includes 120 apartments in two 18-story luxury residential towers. The project offers 159 sq.m. mini-penthouses, each with six rooms and a 27 sq.m. balcony facing the pond area. Each mini-penthouse comes with two underground parking spaces and a storage room.

Also offering mini-penthouses is Rotem Shani Construction Ltd., which has launched its Limited Edition collection of luxury apartments at the Rotem project in Ganei Tikvah. These are five-room mini-penthouses, each approximately 140 sq.m. with large balconies of up to 40 sq.m. with views of the park. Prices begin at 2.99 million shekels.


A penthouse is a large apartment on the top floor of a building and usually has a large balcony. Sometimes, the roof and rooftop structures are part of the apartment as well.

The Neeman VIP project in Tel Aviv is the last, southernmost building in the Neeman Towers project located near Cliff Beach (Hof Hatzuk). The 12-story building has just 40 apartments. This complex is a private, secure community, and includes a country club with a pool, health club, spa, sculpture garden, and playroom. Yossi Avrahami Ltd. is offering penthouses on the tenth floor of the Neeman Towers project. These apartments are 160 sq.m. each and have 53 sq.m. balconies with a view of the sea. The apartments are priced at 10 million shekels.

Duplex Penthouses

A duplex penthouse is a penthouse apartment built on two levels and has the advantage of separating the public and private areas of the apartment. A duplex penthouse usually has balconies on both of its levels.

For example, the Tzarfati Terraces project in Rishon Lezion offers an expansive duplex penthouse apartment on the sixth and seventh floors of the building. The area of the duplex penthouse is 190 sq.m. and it has several balconies with a combined area of 78 sq.m. The rooftop patio includes a pool that is over 5 meters long and has direct access to the shower. The price of this duplex penthouse is 4.3 million shekels.