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Making it Safe to Breathe Indoors

Aura Air’s innovative system for monitoring air quality and purifying contaminated air in enclosed spaces has been hailed by clients in 87 countries, as well as by enthusiastic investors in the stock market

Guy Fishkin
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After two years of the coronavirus pandemic, we are much more aware of the quality of the air we breathe. Aura Air, founded by Israeli brothers Aviad and Eldar Shnaiderman, decided to tackle this important health issue. Having a father who is an air-conditioning expert, they witnessed many contaminated spaces with veritable health risks while working with him. “This is what motivated us to find a solution to poor indoor air quality and improve people’s quality of life by improving the air they breathe,” says Aviad Shnaiderman, the younger brother and the company’s CEO.

Aura Air's air purification device on a classoom wallCredit: Aura Air

In 2018, following a long and comprehensive testing process, the brothers founded Aura Air, which offers a unique air quality management platform for enclosed spaces that monitors, analyzes, and purifies the air. By using advanced patent-protected technologies, the company can identify all types of pollutants at any given time – including mold, bacteria, toxic gas, and more – and neutralize them rapidly. The user-friendly devices are very easy to install and maintain, and can be used both in enclosed spaces and in moving vehicles such as buses and trains.

The company’s flagship product is the Aura Air air purifier – an innovative device whose effectiveness has been verified by a series of trials at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer and in research institutes in the U.S. It provides real-time measurements of air quality levels and can quickly detect contaminated air and purify it, even in highly contaminated areas such as hospitals, classrooms, factories, etc. This purification system is already being sold in 87 countries to a wide range of sectors, including public transportation, schools, public buildings, medical centers, private homes, and more. 

“Until now, there was no way to control or measure contamination levels in enclosed spaces to this extent,” notes Shnaiderman. “Covid-19 made us face the fact that we must deal with the risks hidden in the air we breathe, even though they are invisible. Our system offers a complete solution since it can purify the air of any space within one hour at the most.” A significant added value is that the air purifier can integrate directly with building management systems, thereby optimizing air-conditioning systems and energy efficiency. “It contributes to a sustainable environment by reducing energy consumption by up to 30%,” he points out.

Successful IPO

In June 2021, Aura Air marked a significant milestone when its stock was issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange according to NIS 123 million. Investors were enthusiastic after the results of a successful trial were published, which proved that Aura Air’s products are also capable of destroying 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 within an hour. Ever since, the stock (whose symbol is AUSA) has shown high tradability.

Eldar and Aviad ShnaidermanCredit: Aura Air

In 2021, Aura Air’s sales totaled US$ 12 million. As part of its expansion process, it now has two subsidiaries, in India and the U.S., with 45 workers in the various branches around the world. The company stresses the importance of local, Israeli production and its main factory is located in Caesarea. A second facility, in Florida, ensures that the company will be able to meet the growing demand.

Each of the two Shnaiderman brothers owns 40% of the company. Eldar is the CTO and Aviad is the CEO. Other investors include the business tycoon Jonathan Kolber.

“The Biden administration has allocated a huge budget of around $500 million to improve infrastructure in schools across the U.S., including air-conditioning and purification. This budget proves that it is necessary to treat this issue from its roots, even more so as a lesson from Covid-19. The pandemic made many people aware of the situation, which is why many countries understood that they must take action and set regulations to improve the quality of the air we breathe. This is where Aura Air comes in, thanks to its patented technology that offers a highly effective solution.”

The company is currently working to expand its basket of products, including for the insurance industry. The goal is to enable specialized insurance policies for those affected by different types of air pollution. At the same time, Aura Air plans to introduce more new products by the end of this year, for various kinds of large spaces and according to clients’ specific needs.

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