On Top of the Heart of The World - Be in Jerusalem This Passover and See It As Never Seen Before

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Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

Traditionally one of the three holidays on which Jews made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Passover (Pesach) is a wonderful time to visit and explore the rare beauty of Israel's holy city. Following a relatively jarring winter, the Spring sunlight washes over Jerusalem's pale limestone and the city's skyline comes to life. Every hour of the day is illuminated differently and there are endless opportunities to explore the city at its very best. And although much has been said of the profound significance of the City of Jerusalem, of its palpable historic and political nature,  its unique culture and eclectic atmosphere - few have had the occasion to stand above this beautiful city and view it in its entire 360 degrees of glory. Inbal Jerusalem Hotel, one of Jerusalem's most classic and commended hotels, has given its guests this incredible opportunity.

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is a special hotel in Jerusalem because it combines authenticity with luxury, but the experience doesn't stop at that. The hotel has taken its belief in the powerful view of Jerusalem to be one of its most-breathtaking assets to a higher echelon by installing a state-of-the-art Panomax camera on its rooftop. Created by Klaus Mairinger, the Panomax camera is an interactive experience that lets visitors both view the city in a complete panoramic perspective and conjure fantastic images of the city and its surroundings from any given time, date or instance since its installation.

"We knew right away that we needed the Panomax to share our appreciation of the city's indescribable beauty with our guests. It's true that nothing beats a walking tour of its bustling streets, but seeing all the pieces of the puzzle together delivers another dimension that we wish everybody could enjoy", comments Rony Timsit, General Manager at the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel.  

Click here for the live camera>>

Panomax cameras have been installed at various locations in the world, but this is the first of its kind in Jerusalem. The 360 degree view provided by the recent installation in Inbal Jerusalem enables a birds-eye view of the various architectures and landscapes surrounding the city and offers guests the ability to zoom in or out to any specific points of interest, to compare the view to its winter or summer version and to order copies of the panoramas as exquisite gifts and souvenirs.

The Panomax experience at Inbal, said to be highly addictive, is a huge selling point for them as customers accustomed to luxury accommodation are always on the lookout for an added value feature that will make their stay exciting as well as comfortable. The real-time Panomax views are accessible via the camera manufacturer's website, but the interaction is what makes it truly special. "Since installing the Panomax, we've been flooded with interest from around the world. Our guests are so eager to try out the new technology and most of them are instantly hooked! We are just so happy to be able to give our guests this experience because we believe that the Jerusalem view is no less than breath-taking", said Timsit.

If you have ever been to Jerusalem, or are planning to visit this Passover, during the week of April 10th, the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is opening its doors with a range of enticing package deals that were designed to fit your needs. Its luxurious setting and warm and friendly atmosphere are complimented by the excellent restaurants and detailed amenities. Situated at the very heart of Jerusalem, and only a short walking distance from some of the city's most compelling sites including its vibrant Old City, Inbal offers an experience like no other - with a unique "cherry on top" in the form of the Panomax. 

Click here for the live camera>>