A World Revolution in the Field of Women’s Health?

Organon, the biggest women’s health corporation in the world, are committed to it

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Dedicated companies for women’s health are still a rare sight, but the field itself has been awakening in recent years, and Organon, which broke away from the giant corporation Merck, has taken upon itself the responsibility to spearhead the task. The big discovery as far as Organon was concerned was that first and foremost women need a voice; they need to know that there is a place where they and their needs are heard. For most of the diseases that afflict women there are needs that have not yet been satisfied optimally by the market, and there are also many areas that have not received a real solution and there is insufficient innovation. Organon was established precisely in order to change this.

Amit ZimmermanCredit: Rami Zarnegar

Amit Zimmerman, CEO of Organon Israel was CFO of Merck and very quickly found himself founding the Israeli branch of Organon. “I led and managed the entire process of founding the company in Israel almost on my own – at the same time as carrying out my role as CFO,” he remembers. “That means registering everything necessary to establish a company in Israel, building all the infrastructures: finance, logistics, IT and recruiting all the organization’s employees. When the management abroad had to decide who would be the CEO – it was natural to give me the job, in view of the familiarity and knowledge that I managed to acquire while building the company. Maybe it is important to emphasize this, since without this experience – I believe that it would have been expected and perhaps fitting that an organization that deals with women’s health would appoint a woman as CEO, not a man. But I built the organization from the ground up, knew it from top to bottom, and I am glad that 70% of our workforce consists of women and our management is made up of 75% women. Personally, this is definitely one of the defining moments in my life,” Zimmerman adds. “Not every day and not everyone has the opportunity during their career to found a company, actually to create something from the beginning, to design it and mold it according to their credo, and I am very glad that I have been privileged to do so.”

“There are many companies with various kinds of products in the field of women’s health, but there is no other company that dedicates itself to the subject on such a scale. Women’s health is an area that has been neglected for many years, and we have learned that many women are not satisfied with the medical treatment they receive. Many of them have a bone to pick with the medical establishment, about the products themselves which are not always tailored to them, also about the way doctors sometimes relate to women’s diseases and also about late diagnoses or inadequate solutions for their problems. This is a market with immense potential for revenue, and as all our resources are invested in it – we have a significant competitive advantage in the market. Organon doesn’t just talk but also acts – during the past year and a half the company has carried out a number of acquisitions / transactions that illustrate the company’s deep commitment to the field of women’s health.”

Organon today has some sixty products that are marketed in Israel: apart from the wide variety of women’s health products they include biosimilar medicines, painkillers, antiallergens, cardiovascular products and others; however, it is the only company that provides broad coverage in terms of women’s health.

“I believe that when women are healthy – all of society is healthier,” says Zimmerman. “We are here to listen and to see how we can help them in the fields that have been neglected until now. These may be medical subjects that make less headlines than treating cancer or diabetes, but I am convinced that you will hear a lot about us in the future when we bring about an immense revolution in the field.”

Organon Israel is a young company, which has doubled itself in the past year. Alongside the organization’s dizzying rate of growth, Zimmerman is careful to manage and steer it well in order to maintain the social fabric and organizational culture that he created when it was founded. He is a stickler for high quality recruitment, provides his employees with the right tools for personal success that will lead to the organization’s success and ensures that the ship will continue to sail along the right route based on a belief that the organization is the sum of the people who comprise it and human capital is not something subject to compromise.