From Handling Emissions to Predicting Environmental Disasters: The Group That Provides Technological Solutions for Addressing Climate Change and Air Pollution Challenges

The AP Group, being at the cutting edge of Israeli environmental protection solutions, provides its services to the entire industrial and public sectors, and has recently begun working overseas, in North America and in Asia, in collaboration with high-tech companies. A cross-border, cross-company Israeli success story

Yuval Gamliel, in collaboration with the AP Group
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Igor Paley and the executive team with Chinese clients | Photography: PR
Igor Paley and the executive team with Chinese clients | Photography: PR
Yuval Gamliel, in collaboration with the AP Group
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Climate change causes effects expressed in four fundamental trends: rising temperatures; decreased rainfall, rising sea levels, and an increased in the prevalence of extreme events, such as floods and wildfires. The increased incidence of such events, alongside the continued pattern of climate change, encompasses a risk for significant damage to human lives and to property, to the point of endangering national security of various countries. As a result, the Israeli government made various decisions (the latest in 2018) to promote effective preparation to climate change. Similar decisions were made in many countries.

Joint projects with high-tech companies in meeting the challenges of the climate crises | Photography: PR

The need to identify innovative technologies to help cope with the negative effects of climate change, as well as the integration of existing bodies of knowledge and databases, is at the base of action by various administrative bodies aimed on preparing to cope with the results of the climate crisis. Preservation of air quality is carried out in Israel through various laws, the most important of which being the Clean Air Act.

Addressing all Air Pollution Issues
The road to realizing the various laws and government decisions and materializing them goes, of course, though their actual implementation. One leading Israeli company in these domains – some would say the largest and overall leading company of all for the prevention of air pollution and addressing the challenges of climate change – is the AP Group, which provides under one roof all the services and solutions in the field of environmental protection for both the industry and the public sectors.

ABP - manufacturing of activated carbon filters at the plant | Photography: PR

The group’s story begins in 1998, with its founding by the chemical engineer Igor Paley, who leads the group to this day. “In the late 1990’s, Israel faced the challenge of handling hazardous gas emissions, as well as particulates and odors from industrial plants to the environment”, he recalls. “This was a time when the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Industrial manufacturers association signed agreements in this regard, and later, laws and mandatory regulations were established for preventing pollution from industrial plants, as well as criteria for complying with these laws, consequences of violations, etc.”.

“I identified these events in a timely manner, and the company I founded provided practical and technological solutions for companies, which was not available beforehand in such a comprehensive and professional way”, he adds. “Eventually, the company’s name passed by word of mouth through all sectors in the Israeli market, both private and public, and the scope of our work grew exponentially, and we became the leading Israeli firm in this field”.

The first company in the group was “ABP Chemical Engineering and Ventilation LTD”, specializing in handling emissions, such as gasses, particulates, and odors, focusing on advanced technologies. Eventually, this company became a major firm with engineering, service, and consultation departments. “At the time, we were the only company in Israel that unified all air pollution prevention components – from consultation, though planning and manufacturing, to supply and assembly at the client’s site”, says Igor Paley.

AP Ecology Laboratories, Metal Analytics Department | Photography: Daniel Sebinik

“Our clients received the entire chain of solutions they needed – from defining the problem to finding the solution, as well as long-term maintenance and customer care, in what can be called a ‘one stop shop’. To this day, we supply through ABP, both standard off-the-shelf and customized solutions as per every client’s needs.

A Professional Team of First-Class Experts
Igor’s sharp entrepreneurial senses helped him identify, as time progressed, the next trend in line – the environmental and ecological need for oversight and control of environmental pollutant emissions, as well as the quality status of Israeli environment. Towards this end, two new companies were established –AP Ecological Laboratories LTD, established in 2000, which performs industrial stack tests, as well as test for air quality, water pollution, soil pollution, and wastewater; and Enviromanager LTD (in the field of applications and technologies), established in 2005, building automated monitoring stations and networks, to test if the air we breathe across Israel is clean or polluted by industrial pollutants.

“The Group’s development and growth expresses its DNA, which is, simply put, not to stand still, and constantly seek new challenges to meet with smart technological solutions”, notes Paley. “This is why we are considered leaders and pioneers in the field of environmental protection in Israel and provide services to private industries, as well as all major public sector players, such as the various governmental ministries, including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Internal Security, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. One may say that we are anywhere a smart, specific, high-quality technological solution is required.

Enviromanager Ltd. – environmental and meteorological monitoring equipment at work | Photography: PR

What do you think is the secret to the Group’s strength?
“The combination of being the best and most professional and at the same time being people who approach our clients in a frank and friendly manner. At the end of the day, Israel is a small place, and the clients know who provides them with the best service, both professionally and in terms of interpersonal relations. I am happy to say that, along the years, we managed to form a professional team of leading experts in Israel in our field of business”.

“There is currently no challenge in the domains of development, planning, operations, monitoring, and maintenance we cannot partake”, he states. “A good example for this is the international challenges arising from the implications of the global climate crisis. We engaged with several high-tech firms, both new and experienced, and began to collaborate with them on developing use-case platforms for the applications we developed. This activity is carried out through Environmanagement LTD, and it’s regularly engaged in prediction and prevention of environmental disasters, such as forest fires, floods, and food security – which includes developing simulations and models and creating dedicated solutions”.

“The solutions our company develops are at the forefront of our fight against the climate crisis, both in Israel and worldwide. In this framework, we try to help as many related bodies in Israel, including the various governmental ministries, the IDF, the National Fire and Rescue Authority, Israel Rail, and large firms such as ICL Group and Adama.

Which national projects have you led in this regard?
For example, control and monitoring of the Dead Sea level rise, together with the Dead Sea Preservation Government Company LTD; food security and predicting effective crops, which may be able to grow in high temperatures and dry climate conditions in the future, together with the Ministry of Agriculture; Forecasting flash flood risk in streams and urban areas; and more. I must say that below the radar we built a group covering all industrial and scientific activities regrading environmental protection, from solutions for low-tech plants, to construction of filters, scrubbers, and activated carbon filters, to consultation, testing, and monitoring of pollutants – in the air, soil, and streams – to strategic simulation and prediction projects for coping with climate change problems.

A Paragon of Coexistence
Not only is the AP Group unique in the scope of its activity, market leading, and professional team, but also in its geographical distribution and the social harmony it brings. The group is distributed across several sites – at the Barkan Industrial Zone in Samaria, in Tel-Aviv, and in Yavne. The group employs approx. 260 employees, including PhD holders, engineers, associate engineers, and ordinary workers, all working together, coming from all parts of Israeli society – from Judea and Samaria settlers and Arab residents of the Barkan area, religious and secular people, women, and men. “We are a private group without external investors, and the group’s employees share one set of professional and organizational DNA”, says Igor Paley. “They treat each other with respect and behave like a family. This is also the DNA we seek in our subcontractors, freelancers, and high-tech partners”.

“The company’s plant and engineering and consultation departments are located in the Barkan Industrial Zone and thus are a paragon of coexistence”, he emphasizes. “We employ many Arab professionals, alongside religious settlers from Judea and Samaria, and we managed to build a beautiful harmony. One high-tech company working with us for predicting environmental disasters is a typical Tel-Aviv company, located at the Sarona Compound, and Enviromanagement LTD and the AP Ecological Laboratories are located in Yavne, in central Israel. This is how we enjoy a high-quality, excellent workforce from all parts of Israeli society”.

You conquered almost every professional target in Israel. Aren’t you interested in expanding overseas as well?
“We define ourselves primarily as a local group and are busy with private and national projects in Israel. Recently, we, indeed, decided to break into overseas markets as well, especially in coping with climate disasters and design engineering of air-pollution solutions. In fact, our decision began through Israeli companies, our clients, who have international activities, such as the Adama Group. We began forming ties and activities abroad, including in Asian countries, Central America, the US, and Canada, in all matters pertaining to food security and prediction of wildfires and floods. These global dynamics grew prominent in the past five years, and this is, indeed, a change which we enthusiastically embrace and intend to develop further in the near future.

In collaboration with the AP Group