Israeli Technologies Will Help Fight the Cancer Epidemic in Romania

Following the Romanian government's declaration of cancer as an epidemic and the investment of 570 million euros in a national program - a delegation from IMPROVATE will present to the Romanian government and the health system solutions for cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment, developed by Israeli companies

Partnered with IMPROVATE
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Irina Nevzlin and Ronit Hasin Hochman Co - Founders of IMPROVATE
Irina Nevzlin and Ronit Hasin Hochman Co - Founders of IMPROVATECredit: Yanai Yehiel
Partnered with IMPROVATE
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The government of Romania recently announced the launch of a National Plan to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer (National Cancer Network) at a cost of 570 million euros. The plan was launched in the wake of a large increase in cancer morbidity rates in Romania in recent years. Cancer is now the leading cause of death in the country. Experts believe this is due to both genetic predispositions and the continuing effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Leading cancers causing death in Romania are:

- Women: Intestinal, breast, and lung cancers

- Men: Lung, prostate, and intestinal cancers

IMPROVATE, a platform, headed by Irina Nevzlin and Ronit Hasin Hochman, to connect Israeli technology companies in a wide range of fields with governments and institutions across the world, will lead a delegation to Romania in which Israeli companies with advanced life-saving technologies in the field of oncology will present their solutions and innovations in the field to representatives of the National Cancer Network, among them Dr. Laurentia Galesa, the head of the program, along with senior government and health officials, with the aim of assimilating these technologies in Romania.

Secretary of State with the Ministry of Health, Dr. Andrei BaciuCredit: VEGELDANIEL

The five-day delegation which departs June 26, will be led by Mr. Victor Ponta, the former Prime Minister of Romania, who is a member of the IMPROVATE advisory board, and IMPROVATE’s head of medical technologies, Professor Zeev Rothstein. A few places are still available for companies wishing to join the delegation.

Among the companies and officials the delegation will meet with are:

The Romanian Senate Health Committee Nicoleta Pauliuc, head of the Romanian Senate Committee and herself a cancer survivor Secretary of State with the Ministry of Health, Dr. Andrei Baciu Hospital directors and heads of oncology departments Directors of oncological care centers Directors of hospital networks The National Oncology Center Medical distributors

Secretary of State within the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu: “Israeli medical technologies are considered at the forefront of innovations and
developments in this field and therefore we are looking for suitable Israeli
companies to help us in this national project.”

Ronit Hasin Hochman, IMPROVATE CEO: “Since its establishment, IMPROVATE has worked to bring Israeli technologies to wherever in the world they can help. Israeli companies thus become ambassadors of goodwill for Israel and at the same time penetrate markets where there is a need for their products or services. The situation in Romania where cancer morbidity and mortality rates are high creates a rare opportunity for Israeli companies in the field – to penetrate a new market that desperately requires technologies that can be of assistance in this field.

“From our perspective, bringing life-saving technologies to where they are required is a fulfillment of our vision.”

On July 3-7, IMPROVATE will also lead a business delegation to North Macedonia, which recently announced several national projects in the health field and issued a call for companies to come forward with proposals for the health field. Among the projects are: Construction and equipment of a new clinical center in Skopje at an investment of approximately 500 million euros; digitalization projects and software solutions for the health system; modernization of public health institutions with medical equipment and upgrading of infrastructure, and more. The delegation will be headed by the country’s former prime minister, Vlado Buckovski, Minister of Health Bekim Sali, and IMPROVATE advisory board member and head of Med-Tech, Prof. Zeev Rothstein.

Prof. Ze’ev Rothstein, head of IMPROVATE Med-tech: “The allocation of government funds to combat cancer in Romania creates an opportunity for Israeli companies to enter the Romanian market and to offer products in the pharmaceutical and other treatment fields, and diagnostic modalities, including genetic tests".

Partnered with IMPROVATE