"Mr. Real Estate" Explains: Why Do You Need an Agent Anyway?

Elad Goral, "Mr. Real Estate", who specializes in the Herzliya and Ramat Hasharon area, offers a unique, innovative outlook, which combines extensive professional knowledge and a proficiency in social media

Shahar Amano
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אלעד הגורל
Elad Goral: specializing in the Herzliya and Ramat Hasharon areaCredit: Yisrael Cohen
Shahar Amano
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Elad Goral, known as "Mr. Real Estate", knows the field of real estate in depth, and often surprises with insights and a unique, innovative outlook, which combine extensive professional knowledge with the new approach to the worlds of the media and the message – along with the principle of personal service and a relationship with the customer above all else.

To understand why Elad is unique, we should go back a while. 19 years ago, he founded "Mr. Real Estate", and imported from the US and Canada the “master method,” the aim of which is to give the customer the most extensive, most courteous and most professional service available. Today, when he heads a successful real estate agency and is surrounded by a high-quality supportive team that he recruited himself, Elad can look back and realize that he has achieved positive and successful business results for his customers. “Today too, every day and after every deal no matter how big, I have to prove myself,” he says.

אין שקרים בנדל"ן. כל הסודות נחשפים עם ד"ר אמיר הלמר מומחה לשפת גוף #13 VLOGCredit: הפקה: אלעד גורל ומירן גורל עריכה: אלברט שמייב

Elad, who specializes in the Herzliya and Ramat Hasharon region, has extensive connections and his emphasis on reliability brings in customers from other areas as well. He often refers them to colleagues whom he relies on. “Customers rely on me and I refer them to someone I work with who I am sure will give them the best level of service,” "Mr. Real Estate" explains.

Why do you need a real estate agent?

Elad’s secret is his passion. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration, and his love for the capital market has been replaced by the world of real estate. Elad has created a unique work method, which includes, among other things, filming and distributing professional videos (vlogs) that provide explanations and information about different aspects of the world of real estate, all in a creative, fun, accessible and contemporary way.

These videos help people to understand the complex field that affects everyone’s lives: real estate. Every Thursday at 9pm he uploads a new vlog to his YouTube channel, offering viewers high quality content by means of polished videos produced by selected marketing, digital and creative professionals. The videos For people interested in the field of real estate, the videos provide a lot of information in a unique, easygoing and direct way that you will not find elsewhere.

Elad Goral manages to explain fluently and precisely all the important topics related to the field of real estate, including a very surprising answer to the question of why you need a skilled professional to complete a transaction. To demonstrate the path every vendor has to travel in order to find a suitable buyer, without a professional such as himself, Elad Goral decided to give nine tips on selling a house without a real estate agent. “I understand people who prefer to cut out the agent in order to avoid paying a fee, but they also need to remember that the price of each mistake in the framework of the transaction is liable to harm them and cause them financial damage of hundreds of thousands of shekels, if not more,” he explains and gives a series of tips:

Acquire a Tabu (land registry) abstract and carry out a legal check of the property – the land registry abstract, which is the property’s ID card, can be found in the Ministry of Justice website. It enables you to know that there is no lien on the property, that there are no debts or seizures. Do not begin the sales process without it, to avoid unnecessary distress.

Engineering examination of the property – it is very important to check the building permit of the property and of the building (if it is an apartment block) with the municipality and the Ministry of Justice. In this way you will make sure that everything conforms and corresponds to the original blueprint and there are no changes that have been made over the years. If there are irregularities, you will need to hire an architect and afterwards an assessor who will explain to you how to solve the problem and what it will cost.

Land taxation – you’ve decided to sell? Check with a lawyer who specializes in real estate what the tax is on the sale. You may discover that the taxes to the municipality or the state in various levies (betterment tax, infrastructure tax and similar) are estimated at hundreds of thousands of shekels, and will leave you with a much lower amount than the sale price. Don’t wait to the end of the process so that you won’t be surprised.

Pricing the property – before deciding on a price, check how much a similar property to yours was sold for nearby and price it logically. Too high a price will deter serious potential buyers, and too low a price will lead to even lower offers. So, it’s important to ask for right price so that the sales process will be effective and will progress as you want it to.

איך למכור את ביתך ללא סוכן נדלן | דירה למכירה בהרצליה | יד 2 דירה למכירה בהרצליה.Credit: הפקה: אלעד גורל ומירן גורל עריכה: אלברט שמייב

Prepare the house for a successful sale – buying a house is mostly driven by feelings, emotions. The more you can influence the feelings of the potential buyer – the greater your chance of selling. When they visit your house, emphasize all the advantages it offers. Do you have a green, serene view? Open the windows. Light up the house, give it an attractive aroma such as the smell of baking and activate all of the buyer’s senses that will make them fall in love with your property.

Advertising and marketing the property – a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore make sure you photograph the house from attractive angles and thus positively influence the seller’s feelings. The marketing description should be accurate and emphasize all the property’s advantages: the number of rooms, the area in square meters, the number of elevators, exposures, a high or a low floor, private parking, proximity to parks, schools, cultural institutions, gardens, how close is it to the exit from the city, to shopping centers, etc. Important: Every detail you include will prevent unnecessary questions and will also filter out irrelevant customers.

Phone calls – you have advertised the information, and have received a phone call from a customer who wants to see the house? Not so fast. First make sure that they have seen your advertisement, they are familiar with all the parameters that you advertised, the pictures interested them, and they realize where they are coming to. Try to understand whether they want the property or just “want to see it.” If all the answers are positive, it’s time for a high-quality meeting.

A comfortable meeting for closure – if you realize the customer is interested in the house, arrange a meeting with them in which you can discuss the really important things: the price, the date you intend to vacate the apartment, the payment installments you need and the customer’s ability to pay the amount you need in each installment, and also a list of moveable items that you can leave in the apartment. Record everything in a document and send it to your lawyer.

Selecting a lawyer – remember that selling a property is one of the biggest financial transactions in your life, and therefore you need to choose a professional you rely on who will save you trouble and headaches. A lawyer, like a professional and expert estate agent whom you rely on, can accompany you safely all the way to the sure sale.

להשקיע בנדל"ן עכשיו ?! #9 VLOG | דירה למכירה בהרצליה | יד 2 דירה למכירה בהרצליהCredit: הפקה: אלעד גורל ומירן גורל מר נדלן עריכה: אלברט שמייב

Elad’s videos emphasize the importance of professional guidance. Therefore, apart from the service he gives by means of the videos that he films and distributes, "Mr. Real Estate" makes sure he surrounds himself with professionals, each of which has a role on the path to completing a transaction to the customers’ satisfaction: marketers, digital experts and skilled professional agents.

A sure sign of his success is his membership of the international RE/MAX chain's prestigious Hall of Fame club, in which only agents who have reached high sales turnovers are members. He is also a member of the Chairman club of agents whose fee turnovers are over a million shekels, and a member of RE/MAX Israel’s Gold Club and of the agents’ association.

איזה סרט? דירה חדשה מקבלן או דירה יד שנייה? | דירה למכירה בהרצליה | יד 2 דירה למכירה בהרצליה.Credit: הפקה: אלעד גורל ומירן גורל עריכה: אלברט שמייב

Elad's advantages, apart from in-depth, thorough familiarity with Herzliya and Ramat Hasharon where he operates, are in being the head of a team and not a lone agent or a “regular” agency. He says that the division of labor within the team enables each of its members to focus on their field of work and specialize in it. Thus, the synergy that is created empowers everyone and results in higher quality work, which leads to the best business results. “Each one of the team has a role, and I as head of the team phone the customers and conduct meetings with them with empathy and sensitively.

מהי הבחירה הנכונה עבורך? לקנות או לשכור? | דירה למכירה בהרצליה | יד 2 דירה למכירה בהרצליה.Credit: הפקה: אלעד גורל ומירן גורל עריכה: אלברט שמייב

“I have also been in a situation of purchasing a property, and I understand the concerns and the fears because after all it’s a transaction of millions of shekels,” "Mr. Real Estate" concludes. “This is perhaps the biggest financial transaction in their lives, and they deserve full attention. Any agent can finalize a deal, I prefer to define it as a relationship with my customers until they find the property that is to their satisfaction and also afterwards. As far as I’m concerned, trust is the name of the game, and the fact that I receive many recommendations from customers, acquaintances or agents whom I have worked with in the past speaks for itself.”

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